Tomorrow belongs to us: what becomes of Sandrine Salyeres (Gwen) since she left the series?  - News Series

Tomorrow belongs to us: what becomes of Sandrine Salyeres (Gwen) since she left the series? – News Series

In 2019, Sandrine Salyeres left “Tomorrow belongs to us” after two years spent in the skin of Gwen, the manager of Spoon. And we find it today in the credits of the series “The school of life” on France 2 alongside Guillaume Labbé.

Charlotte SChousboe – Banijay Studios / Fictions air / FTV

Present in the credits of Tomorrow belongs to us from the launch of the soap opera on TF1 in July 2017, Sandrine Salyeres lent her features for nearly two years to Gwen, the companion of Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre), with whom she managed the Spoon.

A character to which she said her farewell in May 2019 since, Gwen, separated from Tristan, ended up leaving Sète to go and help her mother in Guadeloupe. The departure of Sandrine Salyeres was not announced as necessarily final since the production told us at the time: “Sandrine is going away for a while, in order to devote herself to other projects, but she is part of the family and her character remains a member of the family. Tomorrow belongs to us”.

However, the interpreter of Gwen, also seen in Le Rêve français, Munch, or Skam France, has not resumed her role since and a return does not seem at all on the agenda when we know that Tristan is moved on and now has a love affair with Justine (Laura Mathieu).

Then seen in August 2019 in an episode of Joséphine, guardian angel with the theme of slavery, Sandrine Salyeres returns today to the front of the stage thanks to the series The school of life, of which the first two episodes were broadcast Wednesday evening on France 2.

Charlotte SChousboe – Banijay Studios / Fictions air / FTV

This new school series, which is in the vein of La Faute à Rousseau or Sam despite a more dramatic and moving treatment, follows the daily life of Vincent Picard (Guillaume Labbé), a history-geography teacher who, after a terrible personal drama, will try to rebuild himself in contact with his students, by immersing himself body and soul in his profession and by helping certain adolescents to whom he teaches.

Sandrine Salyeres plays Lucie, a popular instagramer who finds herself in the same Première class as her sister Chloé (Camille Léon-Fucien) after having repeated a year. And who will get closer to Lucas (Bruni Makaya), the paraplegic teenager to whom the first episode was devoted.

A high school student character very far from Gwen, in whose skin Sandrine Salyeres makes sparks, like all the amazing young actors of The School of Life, such as Jules Houplain, Hanane El Yousfi, Lorette Nyssen, or Abdel Bendaher.

The trailer for The School of Life, which continues Wednesday on France 2:

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