Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 999 of Wednesday, August 25, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 999 of wednesday, august 25, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Xavier takes Camille’s place among the hostages, Charlie betrays the group. At the same time, Bart and Louise move into a new home, and Jordan struggles to control his anger.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday August 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Xavier takes Camille’s place among the hostages

At the Spoon, Chloe is worried about Ulysses, but Alex reassures her, it is certain that Odysseus is out of the woods now. Alex would like to try another blow to disarm the hostage takers and avoid another tragedy, but Chloe dissuades him. She doesn’t want her ex to take risks.

At the same time, in the hospital, Amanda, collapsed, is in a state of shock. She did not leave the body of Ulysses and confesses to Marianne that she does not manage to realize. Doctor Delcourt advises him to go and rest. Before leaving the room, Amanda leaves one last kiss on her boyfriend’s lips and bursts into tears.

Xavier decides to become a hostage in place of Camille. At first reluctant, Martin agrees to let him do it, on condition that he is equipped with a snitch. Xavier comes knocking on the metal curtain of the Spoon and addresses the hostage takers to inform them of his proposal. Ophelia thinks at first that it is a trap, but Anthony convinces her to agree to proceed with the exchange. The prosecutor will be a very good leverage when needed.

After taking her father in her arms, Camille is released and finds Maud and Judith. Stunned, she asks them for news of Ulysses and breaks down in tears when she learns that he is dead. Inside the Spoon, Anthony searches Xavier to make sure he doesn’t have a gun or microphone. Xavier then finds Chloe and Alex who are sitting on the ground.

In the basement, Anthony understands that a second room is hidden behind one of the walls. He starts to smash the wall with a pickaxe and asks Charlie to help him. But the young woman hurts her hand. Anthony treats his injury and confesses that he is sorry to have put him in such a situation. He adds that if the circumstances had been different, he would not have thrown her out when she tried to make advances to him. Charlie then understands that Ophélie is Anthony’s sister, and not his girlfriend.

Xavier, meanwhile, explains to the other hostages that Ophelia and Anthony are the children of a robber and that they are looking for an agent who would have been hidden by their father here. When Tristan asks him for news of Ulysses, Xavier lies and claims that he is fine.

Later, in the basement, Anthony continues to dig with the help of Xavier and Alex. The latter ends up stumbling upon something. It is a safe. Anthony extracts it from the earth and finally finds what he was looking for inside: gold bars.

Once back upstairs, while Ophélie and Anthony are ecstatic in front of the gold bars left by their father, Alex and Sylvain take the opportunity to attack them by surprise and try to control them. Ophelia drops her gun to the ground and Charlie picks it up. She first points it in the direction of Ophelia, then ends up returning it to the hostage-taker who then regains control of the situation. Much to Sylvain’s dismay, who doesn’t understand why Charlie has just betrayed them.

Jordan struggles to control his anger

Bart and Louise move into their new home. Bart lets his partner understand that the euphoria of this new life makes him want to set up, in the more or less near future, their own restaurant.

At the same time, Clément, the young man whom Mathilde flashed in the hospital after her sunstroke, almost knocked down Jordan in the street with his scooter. In revenge, Jordan drops Clément’s helmet once he’s parked. The tone quickly rises between them.

Bart and Louise can’t wait to show Mathilde the house, but the teenager hardly pays any attention to it, she is so obsessed with Clément, her prince charming. When the latter calls her to meet him at the hut, Mathilde is thrilled.

In the straw hut, Clément complains to Hadrian, who served him a lukewarm cocktail. He would like Sofia’s boyfriend to serve him another one and not be very sympathetic. Jordan once again does not like his attitude and attacks him, pointing out that his “diva whims” are annoying.

While they seem ready to fight, Lizzie intervenes and separates them, under the eyes of Hadrian and Audrey who witness the scene from afar. Lizzie asks Clément to leave then covers her brother by assuring their mother that it is Clément who was looking for the trouble. Clément leaves the beach and Mathilde finds herself without news of him when she finally arrives at the hut. The situation allows him to meet Lizzie.

In the evening, at Alma and Samuel’s house, Jordan ends up confessing to his mother the reason for his behavior: he is tired of their living conditions. He would like to have the same life as Sofia and Hadrian, for example, who lack nothing and live in magnificent villas. Audrey promises that things will work out and that one day he can screw it up like Clement. They just need to stick together a bit while they wait.

Back home, Mathilde struggles to hide her sadness. She explains to her mother that Clément, the boy she met at the hospital, gave her a bunny. And that even if she is still with Ben, she fell in love with him. She then asks Louise to leave her alone and receives an SMS from Clément which immediately lifts her spirits since the young man apologizes and offers to see him the next day.

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