Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 998 of Tuesday, August 24, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: In the next episode of “Tomorrow is Our Own” … As the police make an important discovery, Amanda faces a tragedy. Victoire, for her part, reacted badly to Sandrine’s departure. And Sofia has an idea to help Audrey.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday August 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Amanda faces a tragedy

Taken to hospital, Ulysses is in serious condition. Victoire thinks the young man is not stable enough to be operated on, but Marianne believes that they have already lost enough time and that the bullet must be removed and the wound sutured without delay. Doctor Delcourt advises Amanda to go to rest, but the young nurse, upset, prefers to stay by Odysseus’s side and promises her unconscious boyfriend that she will not let go and that he will be okay.

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 998 of tuesday, august 24, 2021 [spoilers]
Tomorrow belongs to us

Thanks to the note left by Alex in Ulysses’ pocket, on which is written “Anthony + Ophélie, on digging”, Xavier, Martin, and Karim understand that they are confronted with two hostage-takers and that the people held in inside the Spoon are forced to dig.At the same time, Anthony confides to his sister that the research is not yielding anything. No matter how hard the hostages dig, they can’t find what they’re looking for. He adds that the hostages can’t take it anymore and implies that they should maybe let it go, but Ophélie refuses to give up. She gets angry at Charlie who tries to overhear their conversation. But Anthony reveals to his sister that Charlie has a crush on him, which he believes can be useful to them in an emergency.

At the police station, Roxane and Sara share their discoveries with Martin: Anthony and Ophélie are brother and sister. Neither has a record, but their father is well known to the police. It is Olivier Messy, a criminal who committed a dozen robberies between 1989 and 2010. Martin would like to question him but Sara tells him that he died in prison six months ago.

Commander Constant then instructs Sara to dig into Olivier Messy’s criminal past and find out whether he was visited in prison before his death. As for Roxane, she must continue her research on the Spoon and the history of the building before it becomes a cafe.

At the hospital, Maxim comforts Amanda. Renaud Dumaze joins them and tells them that the operation went well. The bullet could be extracted and Ulysses is fine. Amanda is relieved. Sara, for her part, joins Martin, Karim, and Xavier Meffre in front of the Spoon and reveals to them that Anthony and Ophélie Messy did visit their father on several occasions in prison before his death.

Sara also discovered that during her last coup, in 2010, all of Olivier Messy’s accomplices denounced each other and returned their share of the loot. But not him. And the 2 million that came to him have disappeared and are still running in nature. Sara adds that the Spoon just opened in 2010, replacing a former insurance firm that closed the same year. For the police, it is obvious, Messy took advantage of the work to hide the 2 million euros. And this is the money the hostage-takers are looking for today.

Later, Ulysses wakes up and finds Amanda. He confides to the young woman that after this ordeal, he would like to spend more time with her and build something. He offers his girlfriend to have a child, and the latter accepts without hesitation. But Ulysses feels bad, his heart races. The young man sinks. Amanda calls for help.

Marianne understands without delay that Ulysses is on the verge of cardiac arrest. She repeatedly shocks him with the defibrillator, but to no avail. Odysseus’s heart stopped. Amanda is in shock, she refuses to believe it. But Marianne tells him it’s over. Ulysses is dead.

Victoire finds it difficult to accept Sandrine’s departure

Sandrine takes her courage in both hands and announces to Victoire that she is going to live in Guadeloupe with Morgane. Victoire falls from the clouds and gets angry when she realizes that her sister will be leaving Sète in a week. She would have liked to have known beforehand. Especially since if Sandrine does not see herself living without Morgane, Victoire has the impression that she however has no problem considering her life without her.

Later, Sandrine blames herself and confides in Morgane that she has the impression of being a monster of selfishness who thinks only of herself and leaves all the people she loves behind her. But Morgane tries to comfort her partner and swears to her that Victoire will end up calming down and coming back to her.

Arthur, who overheard their conversation, leaves to plead his mother’s cause with Victoire. The latter ends up understanding that Sandrine did not want to hurt her. And that in her place, she would also have left everything to follow Georges. Then Victoire comes to apologize to her sister and the two women, very moved, hug each other. Sandrine assures us that she did not want to hurt her and that she will miss her. Victoire does not realize that Sandrine will soon no longer be right next to her house. But Morgane reassures her: she can visit them in Guadeloupe as soon as she wishes.

Sofia has an idea to help Audrey

Audrey starts her new job on the beach by giving Morgana a manicure in the sun. She suddenly sees her twins, Jack and Lizzie, pass a few feet away from her and calls out to them, but the two teens ignore her completely.

When she ends up confronting her children, Jordan, Jack, and Lizzie make her understand that they are ashamed to see her working in these conditions, sitting on the sand in the bright sun. Audrey explains to them that she will continue to work on the beach in order to acquire a clientele. And then she can set up her living room. Lizzie understands that they have exaggerated and apologizes. But Jordan, exasperated, prefers to leave the beach. He can’t stand to see his mother play the “boniche”.

At the bar in the hut, Jack confides in Hadrien that it is not easy to see their mother do odd jobs. He adds that the move was not easy, but Hadrien promises him that they will be happy in Sète. He even offers the teenager to show him the cool places in the city. Which obviously delights Jack, who still falls for Hadrien.

In the evening, Hadrien and Sofia have good news to announce to the Roussel’s: Sofia had the idea of ​​setting up a small manicure area in the straw hut, in a workbench. It would advertise the bar and bring customers back to Audrey. The latter, delighted, obviously accepts the proposal. Hadrien then takes Jack for a trip to Sète, but the latter understands that Sofia will also be there and seems a little disappointed.

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