Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 997 of Monday, August 23, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 997 of monday, august 23, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Ulysses is in bad shape, Ophélie and Anthony discover that Camille is the daughter of the prosecutor. Maxime is back in Sète. Morgane and Sandrine make a big decision.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 23 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Seriously injured, Ulysses is freed by the hostage takers

Police heard a gunshot ringing inside the Spoon. Martin and his men are on alert, they are afraid that one of the hostages is injured. Xavier Meffre is freaking out for Camille. Inside the Spoon, Odysseus, shot near the shoulder, loses a lot of blood. Chloe and Alex try to slow down the bleeding as best they can, with towels. Ulysses makes Chloe promise to tell Amanda that he loves her, in case he doesn’t make it.

Anthony and Ophélie are under pressure. Anthony must face the incomprehension and the anger of Sylvain, who discovered like all the others that he was in cahoots with Ophélie from the beginning. Chloe asks the hostage taker to let Odysseus go so that he can be taken care of by the emergency services, but Ophélie does not want to hear anything.

Suddenly, Ophélie orders Chloe to follow her and call Martin. Chloe complies. Under duress from Ophelia’s gun, she claims that the shot was fired in the air and that all is well. She makes a mistake, however, by saying “he shot”, before pulling herself together and saying “she shot”. But Martin doesn’t seem to have paid attention.

Once the call is over, the police commander explains to prosecutor Meffre that he thinks the hostage taker was pointing her gun at Chloe during the call and that she refuses to speak to them. For fear that the situation will degenerate in the event of police intervention, Xavier gives up launching the assault.

At the same time, Maxime is back in Sète. After having found Judith and Marianne who have not heard from the police, he decides to go to the Spoon in order to find out more. Once there, he first finds Bart, then Amanda, who is completely upset and whom he tries to comfort.

In the basement of the Spoon, the hostages are still being forced to dig. Charlie tries to reason with Anthony, she tells him that it is not too late, that he can still get by. But the latter gets angry and replies that she does not know who he is. So he orders her to shut up and dig faster.

Odysseus’s condition deteriorates. The young man loses consciousness. Martin calls Ophelia again and explains to her that his men are ordered to enter the Spoon and kill her. But she can still avoid that by surrendering. But Ophélie refuses to give in. She adds that if the police burst into the bar, they will wreak havoc among the hostages.

Because of Charlie, Ophélie and Anthony learn that Camille is the prosecutor’s daughter. They decide to let Ulysses go, while using Camille as protection. Just before taking Odysseus out, Alex slips a note into his pocket. The metallic curtain of the Spoon rises and Ophélie bursts out, with Camille against her, whom she holds in cheek. The hostage taker threatens to kill her, the police cannot act.

Alex deposits Ulysses on the terrace then returns inside under the threat of Ophelia. The young woman and Camille do the same, despite Camille’s cries. The metal curtain closes over the Spoon. Help rushes to Ulysses while Martin and his men remain powerless.

Audrey Roussel finds a job at the beach

The cohabitation between Samuel and the Roussels remains complicated. Jordan mistakenly ate Samuel’s Corsican cheese, which certainly pissed off Chardeau. Audrey understands that they have overused Samuel and Alma’s kindness enough and that it is time for them to find accommodation. Ready to take the first job that presents itself, she decides to go apply at the corner supermarket to become a cashier.

Later, at the beach, Jack is still obsessed with Hadrien. Lizzie points out to him that he has no chance with him because he is straight and in a relationship with Sofia. But Jack tells his sister that Hadrian could very well be bi.

At the villa, Samuel wants to enjoy his privacy in the absence of the Roussels. He decides to swim naked in the pool, which does not fail to amuse Alma. But Lizzie arrives at the same time and witnesses the scene. A very embarrassing moment for the teenager and for Samuel. For Lizzie, it is more urgent than ever to move. And Audrey has good news: she has found a job at the beach. She will offer manicures via a traveling nail bar. Hadrien agrees.

Sandrine agrees to start a new life with Morgane far from Sète

Sandrine thought about Morgane’s proposal. She agrees to follow her and leave Sète. She sees nothing that prevents them from rebuilding their lives elsewhere. And she even immediately landed a post of headmaster in Guadeloupe.

Arthur decides to follow them in this adventure. Now that he is no longer with Sofia, nothing is holding him back in Sète. This is not the case with Gabriel, who is well here and has already planned everything for the start of the school year. Morgane is proud to see him make his own choices, even though she knows she will miss her son. It is now up to Sandrine to announce the news to Victoire …

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