Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 994 of Wednesday, August 18, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 994 of wednesday, august 18, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is ours” … As the hostages fear for their lives, Anthony reveals his true face. On the boat, Timothée supports Nathan less and less. Finally, a new family arrives in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday August 18 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Anthony is the hostage taker’s accomplice

At the Spoon, Ophélie, the hostage taker orders Tristan to lower the metal curtain of the restaurant. Menacingly, and still armed, the young woman divides the hostages into two groups and forces them to sit on the ground in two separate rooms of the establishment. When Ophelia takes off her hood, Alex immediately recognizes her. He confides in Chloe that he has already met her in the port and the latter comes to the conclusion that it is certainly she who was bought the firearm from the trafficker.

Marianne shows up in front of the Spoon and knocks on the metal curtain, surprised to see the restaurant closed in the middle of the day. Ophelia calls on Tristan to get rid of her and be convincing. Behind the window, Tristan then explains to Marianne that water damage forced him to close the Spoon. Marianne would like to buy a quiche to take away, but Tristan claims he had to cut the power and can’t serve her anything. And when Marianne asks her if she can at least use the toilet, Tristan answers again that it is not possible, which does not fail to annoy Chloe’s mother.

When Tristan comes back to sit down, Camille panics, certain that the hostage taker will kill them all. Alex tries to reassure her by explaining that the police are already investigating the arms trafficking he witnessed on Friday. And according to him, the metal curtain is bound to attract attention.

In parallel, in the other room, Charlie asks Ulysses if there is an exit door at the back of the Spoon, but Sylvain, who begins to know the young woman, asks him not to take any risks. Alerted by their discussion, Ophélie points her gun at Charlie and forces her to follow her. She explains to the hostages that if they do as she says, everything will be fine. But if not, Charlie will be the first to die.

Chloe, who thinks of her children, begins to burst into tears. But Alex promises her that they will all be okay. Short of Ventolin, Ulysses begins to have an asthma attack. Chloe asks Ophélie to let Odysseus go with Camille and Charlie, but the hostage taker does not want to hear anything.

Flore, who has not heard from Alex, shares her concern with Bart. Dorian and Christelle are also worried, each on their own, of not being able to reach Camille, Sylvain, and Charlie. At the police station, tension mounts when Xavier learns from Karim and Martin that the prefect has given the order to strengthen the Vigipirate plan.

At the Spoon, Ophélie instructs Sylvain and Anthony to prepare sandwiches. Anthony takes advantage of Sylvain’s back to pour a few drops of an unidentified product into the mayonnaise. A little later, after having visibly eaten, the hostages begin to feel bad and lose consciousness one by one. Only Anthony, who is in cahoots with Ophélie, ends up opening his eyes and getting up. Ready for the second phase of the plan?

A new family arrives in Sète

Audrey Roussel and her three teens, Jordan, Jack, and Lizzie, are sitting on the beach. They left Seine-Saint-Denis to come and settle in Sète and thus start a new life. Audrey’s youngest child, Paco, is in summer camp and will join them soon. Lizzie and Jack share the enthusiasm of their mother, who is sure that they will have a good life here. But Jordan, him, hardly conceal that he is the face.

The Roussels go to the address of the house they have rented and discover that they have been the victim of a scam. The house has never been for rent, the ad found on the internet by Audrey was bogus. And she therefore lost a month’s rent and the deposit. Audrey does not let down, however, and manages to pay for a hotel room with the savings she has left. She assures her children that it is temporary, while waiting to find accommodation. But the disappointments do not end there.

Accompanied by Lizzie, Audrey goes to the beauty institute which supposedly hired her and discovers that the establishment has just closed permanently. But once again, Audrey refuses to lose morale and swears to her children that they will find a solution to stay in Sète. No question of returning to the Paris region. Audrey promises that she will fight to give them the life they deserve.

Timothy forces his comrades to cut short their boat trip

Dorian, Manon, Timothée, and Nathan are still at sea, on the Curtis’ boat. Timothy, who was tired of Nathan’s incessant mockery, took refuge in the cabin to read a book. Manon would like her friend to be able to enjoy this beautiful day too and have a swim, but Timothée refuses to go out without his sunscreen – which Nathan unfortunately threw in the water. But Dorian suddenly has an idea to allow Timothy to join them outside.

Now dressed in an anti-UV t-shirt, Timothy joins his comrades on the bridge but still struggles to support Nathan, who is once again clumsy. And when the latter urinates in the water, it is too much for Timothy who refuses to go swimming. Later, Manon, Nathan, and Dorian put on some music and dance on the bridge. But, annoyed, Timothy says that they are making too much noise. He can’t read his book despite his noise-canceling headphones. Once again, the young man breaks the mood, much to Nathan’s chagrin. Timothy therefore asks to return to the port.

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