Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 993 of Tuesday, August 17, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 993 of tuesday, august 17, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While a hostage-taking occurs at the Spoon, Morgane is finally released from prison. At the same time, Dorian, Manon, Timothée and Nathan’s trip to the sea is far from easy.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday August 17 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

Tristan, Ulysses, and the Spoon’s clients are taken hostage

In the early hours, Charlie walks without embarrassment into Anthony’s room and watches the young man sleep in the simplest device. Sensing a presence, Anthony wakes up with a start and asks Charlie for an explanation who assures us that she has simply come to bring him a coffee. But Anthony, who notices that Charlie is wearing his t-shirt, is not fooled and suspects that Charlie has actually come to check if he had come home alone or accompanied the day before. Exasperated, he makes her understand that he is free to do what he wants and asks Charlie to leave him alone.

Amanda and Ulysses, on the other hand, are not working today and are happy to be able to spend the day together. But a phone call from Tristan puts an end to their sleep in. A huge water leak has occurred in the cellar of the Spoon and Tristan needs Ulysses to prepare the lunch service. Ulysses is therefore forced to cancel his day off, which does not fail to annoy Amanda.

Karim and Sara, who have been in hiding since the day before, finally end up arresting Arnaud Vincent, a arms dealer who has just left prison. Once at the police station, Alex and Noor, who are looking at Arnaud behind a two-way window, identify him as the man they saw on Friday handing a gun to a hooded individual in the port.

Karim and Martin then put pressure on Arnaud and push him to tell them what he knows about his buyer. But the trafficker has little to tell them. He only spoke with the buyer, who was looking for a Beretta 92, via secure messaging and the transaction took two minutes. During which the hooded individual did not say a word. However, Arnaud assures him that the latter gave him goosebumps, because of his calm, his silence, and the way he examined the weapon. Everything suggested that he was not there to laugh.

Karim and Martin think the buyer may be a former military or legionary. Xavier Meffre reminds them that the population is multiplied by 5 in summer in Sète and asks them to make this matter a priority in order to protect residents and tourists.

At the Spoon, Sylvain Moreno and Anthony managed to repair the water leak. But Sylvain noticed something strange. He has the impression that the pipe has been cut on purpose. Anthony, who broke into the Spoon the day before and is certainly responsible for the leak, claims that there was a hose clamp at one point in this location and wear and tear is responsible for the leak. An explanation that seems to convince Sylvain and Tristan. Anthony then offers his boss a quick lunch at the Spoon before going back to work and Tristan, who is grateful to them for getting him out of this mess, insists on inviting them.

After lunch, Anthony wants to have a second coffee, and that’s when Charlie shows up at the Spoon and joins them. She asks Anthony what his plans are for tonight and Anthony agrees, to her astonishment, to spend the evening with her. Chloe and Camille also come for a drink at the Spoon and Camille confides her disappointment to Chloe about the day she thought she would spend with Dorian. Finally, it’s Alex’s turn to disembark to deliver heaps of oysters.

As he prepares to leave the cafe, Alex finds himself facing a hooded woman who enters the Spoon and points her gun at him. She orders Alex to step back and asks everyone present to put their hands up. Before adding that from now on nobody goes out and that they will all spend a little time together.

Morgane is finally free

After several months spent in prison, Morgane is finally free and finds Sandrine. While they are strolling on the beach, Sandrine tells her partner that Souleymane has gone to live in Calvières with Antoine and Rose. She adds that there are suspicions of asbestos in the school and that it worries her a lot a few days before the start of the school year.

But Morgane said nothing and hardly seemed to listen to her. When Sandrine asks her what is wrong, Morgane admits that she does not feel completely free, that she has the impression that someone is going to come and put her back in prison at any time because she has not. paid enough. But Sandrine reminds her that justice has ruled and that she must now look to the future. Before promising her that she will end up regaining a taste for life.

Once back home, Morgane finds with emotion Gabriel and Arthur. She asks them questions about their future after high school and Gabriel explains to his mother that he enrolled in law school and that he found a pawn job in Agnès Varda high school. And while Arthur in turn explains his post-baccalaureate projects to him, Morgane seems disconnected. She apologizes at last and leaves the room. Sandrine puts her behavior down to the emotion of the reunion, but Gabriel struggles to hide his sadness and disappointment.

Dorian’s sea trip is a fiasco

Camille, who imagined a romantic outing at sea with Dorian in order to make love with him for the first time, is disappointed and annoyed at the idea of ​​spending the day with Manon, Timothée, and Nathan who are encrusted. She therefore decides to give up this boat trip to the chagrin of Dorian who, annoyed, promises to make up for it.

Before the departure of the little gang at sea, Etienne makes sure that everything is ok on the boat and reminds his son that he is responsible for the passengers. Dorian promises to be vigilant, but the arrival of Nathan, who plays the clown as always, and Timothée, who refuses to take off his shoes before getting on board, seems to herald a trip to sea far from ‘be at ease.

Once at sea, while Nathan, who is playing with ropes and sails, is brought to order by Dorian, Timothy, annoyed by the pickpocket’s behavior, recommends that he read his manual on the basic rules to apply. on a boat. And when Nathan tries to take a little dip in the water, Dorian firmly opposes it and asks him to wait until the boat is stationary before swimming. It’s going to be a long day for Nathan for sure.

Exasperated by Timothy’s behavior during lunch, Nathan decides to have a little fun with him and steals his sunscreen. Unfortunately, the tube of cream fell into the water. Timothy repeats over and over that he needs his sunscreen and goes to isolate himself, ensuring that he no longer wants to see Nathan. The latter does not understand Timothée’s behavior and Manon, annoyed, tells him that her friend can not help it: he is autistic. Information that Nathan, who blames himself now, would have liked to learn sooner.

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