Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 992 of Monday, August 16, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 992 of monday, august 16, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Ulysses is attacked, it is time for the Dauniers to be guilty. Sandrine learns good news.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 16 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


On his way to work, Ulysses is attacked in the middle of the street by an armed man who strips him of all his belongings.

Meanwhile, Alex is at the bedside of Noor who was hospitalized following her fall on Friday. The police having come to question them, Noor and Alex say they were pursued by two individuals after seeing them exchanging firearms.

For her part, Roxane begins her first day at PTS. While Georges is in training in Marseille, her first mission is to identify the arms traffickers who have tried to attack Noor and Alex. Shortly after, Ulysses arrives at the police station to report his assault. Taking his deposition, Karim and Sara quickly conclude that he was the victim of the same person who chased Noor and Alex on Friday.

Nearby, Tristan arrives at the Spoon with the belongings stolen from Ulysses earlier in the day. Indeed, a woman found them on a sidewalk and then dropped them off at the police station. A relief for Ulysses who was afraid of having to change the bar locks.

At the station, Roxane managed to identify a person corresponding to the profile given by the witnesses thanks to the video surveillance images. It would be a certain Arnaud, a man sentenced seven times for concealment and arms sales. Without waiting, Karim and Sara go to hideout in front of his home.

Several kilometers away, Charlie is determined to draw Anthony into his nets. Once she puts on her new dress, she is quick to ask his opinion. Uncomfortable, Sylvain’s friend says she looks good on him, but stresses that the garment is perhaps a little too short. At the end of his working day, Anthony warns Sylvain that he will not be present for dinner because he wants to spend the evening at the beach to relax. But at nightfall, he sneaks into the hooded Spoon to locate the place.


William can’t stop thinking about his brother and everything that has happened over the past few weeks. Understanding, Aurore knows that it will take time for her husband to digest all this. Although his twin has been taken to a mental hospital, William can’t help but feel guilty. For his wife, this story could bring them together but William does not believe it. Even though Cyril is his twin brother, the doctor has no recollection of him and sees him as a stranger.

Later, William and Bénédicte have lunch with their parents. While everyone acts as if nothing had happened, William reproaches his father for not having wanted to see Cyril before he left for a psychiatric hospital. After recognizing his cowardice, Régis confides that he thinks every day of his son disfigured by his fault. Regretful, he adds that he will blame himself until his death for destroying Cyril’s life and then apologizes to his children for not telling them the truth sooner. When Bénédicte tries to find out if he will visit her son, Régis replies that he does not think he has the courage to do so, but Brigitte promises to go.

At the same time, Dorian invites Camille to spend the day at sea on his boat the next day. If the young woman is delighted to spend time alone with him, she quickly loses her smile when he offers Manon and Nathan to accompany them. And the young woman is not at the end of her surprises because Manon also invites Timothée. However, the latter needs time to think


Virginie has an appointment with the judge to convince her of Morgane’s criminal irresponsibility, which would allow Sandrine’s companion to escape the trial but also to get out of prison quickly. The magistrate may be a particularly severe woman, Virginie is rather confident for the future because she has a solid case.

On leaving court, Virginie announces the good news to Sandrine. Indeed, the judge declared a dismissal and Morgane should go out the next morning. Mad with joy, Sandrine jumps into the arms of her lawyer then goes to the visiting room to inform her partner. Morgane, who no longer believed in it, is very moved to see her ordeal come to an end. While Sandrine is certain that she will soon be able to resume a normal life, Morgane is not so sure.

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