Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 991 of Friday, August 13, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 991 of friday, august 13, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Brigitte explains herself, Noor and Alex witness arms trafficking. At the same time, Anthony sets things straight with Charlie.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday August 13 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Brigitte is heard by the police. Very moved, she tells of the impossible choice that Cyril imposed on her. To prevent him from burning William alive, Brigitte had no choice but to shoot her other son. For Aurore, she had the good reflex to shoot him in the leg even if she will still be summoned before a judge for having injured a man with a gun. Only, Brigitte does not care because she feels responsible for all the suffering she has inflicted on her family.

Meanwhile, William is at his brother’s bedside. As Cyril is terribly mad at their mother for having chosen him once again, William assures us that by shooting him in the leg, she chose them both. While Cyril is still said to be very angry with his family, William swears that he is no longer alone and that he will never let him down again now that he has found him.

For his part, Xavier wonders if Cyril would not have had a new psychotic crisis, especially since he has spent more than twenty years without any medical follow-up. When Martin questions him to know if he will be convicted, the prosecutor replies that he does not know anything about it but believes that there will certainly be a debate around his criminal irresponsibility.

Not far from there, Manon cannot understand how her grandparents were able to abandon their son in a psychiatric hospital. Bénédicte explains to him that Brigitte and Régis had no other choice because Cyril had become unmanageable due to his aggressiveness. Nothing helps, the teenager is terribly angry with them for lying to everyone and is not sure she wants to talk to them again one day.

At the hospital, Brigitte takes advantage that Cyril is still in the operating room to tell William how much she loves him. And to recognize that she has always privileged Bénédicte because looking at him, she could not help thinking of Cyril, his disfigured face as well as his suffering. It is for this reason that Brigitte and Régis never came to see their son and his family. Although he wants to forgive them, William nevertheless specifies that he will need a lot of time. Indeed, the last few weeks have been very hard for him and these family secrets have almost made him lose his footing completely. However, William now prefers to look to the future.

Even if it means being rejected, Brigitte feels the need to tell Cyril that she loves him and goes alone to his bedside where she confesses that she has been a coward. Brigitte then explains that she did not know how to manage the situation and that she thought she was doing well by following the advice of the doctors. However, she never stopped thinking about him and says that his life stopped on the day of the accident. Unfortunately, Cyril does not want to hear more and yells at him to leave.

For her part, Aurore is happy to find her husband. Still a little lost, William realizes that he was really afraid of losing his family but Aurore assures us that with their daughters, they will always be there for him before telling him that she loves him.

At the end of the day, William introduces Bénédicte to Cyril. Shortly after, he confides that many memories come back to him and in particular one where they watched Albator together in front of the TV. When he mentions a nursery rhyme they sang when they were little, William and Cyril began to hum it under Bénédicte’s very touched gaze.


Upset by her daughter’s plans for the future, Chloé opens up to Marianne. Excluding seeing her little daughter wading in a pond all her life, the latter encourages her daughter to show authority to prevent her from ruining her future. But the situation is not easy for Chloe who does not intend to force Judith to study against her will. Meanwhile, the teenager tells Noor about her plan. While she hopes that her friend has not made this decision to stay close to Noa, the young man passes by their motorcycle alongside them accompanied by another girl.

Later, Chloe goes to the farmhouse to chat with Alex and Judith. If she is not opposed to her project, Chloe nevertheless asks her daughter to do her course in commerce before becoming an oyster farmer. Although he agrees with his ex-wife, Alex believes however that this choice belongs to Judith. To Cholé’s chagrin, she decides to stay at the farmhouse to work with her father.

The young woman then hastens to announce the good news to Noa but the latter is rather distant. When she asks him about the girl who was with him on his motorbike, Noa understands that she is jealous but refuses to answer him.

Several kilometers away, Noor and Alex deliver their last basket of oysters when they witness an arms exchange between two individuals. As they chase them, Noor and Alex run away but the teenager falls violently to the ground and then loses consciousness.


At the Moreno’s, Charlie multiplies the opportunities to get closer to Anthony and show him his interest. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same about her. Even if he finds her very pretty, Anthony has no desire to get back into a relationship. But that does not stop the young woman for all that. Indeed, Charlie is determined to spend as much time as possible with him to put him in his bed.

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