Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 990 of Thursday, August 12, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 990 of thursday, august 12, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Brigitte is faced with a terrible choice, Souleymane wishes to settle in Calvières. Charlie falls for Anthony.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 12 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


William having been missing since the day before, Aurore and Bénédicte are particularly worried, especially since they do not have the slightest element to locate him.

Meanwhile, Cyril contacts Brigitte. While he holds William hostage, she begs him not to hurt her, specifying that there is nothing in this story. Determined to face her responsibilities, Cyril summons his mother to join them alone in the little shed and threatens to kill William if she tells someone about it. After he hangs up, William tries to reason with him and explains that their mother had no choice but to place him in an institute to treat his injuries. But nothing helps. Thirsty for revenge, Cyril loses his temper, which terrifies William.

Not far from there, Manon and Sofia are at La Paillote discussing their father. Hearing the two sisters talk about a burnt man, Nathan confirms having met a disfigured man a few days earlier outside of town. Warned by Sofia, Aurore and Karim join her then summon Nathan to lead them to the place where he saw the individual.

For her part, Brigitte claims that she is going for an errand and finds her sons. Upon discovering William tied and gagged to a chair, she accuses Cyril of having harmed his brother. When the time comes for explanations, Brigitte assures Cyril that she has never stopped loving him before pointing out to him that she has not abandoned him and that it is he who refused to see her. parents. Although she never stopped thinking about him, she then adds that she came to believe that he was dead.

Shortly after, Cyril tells bitterly that he left the institute without leaving any traces because no one came to see him. Hoping to start a new chapter in his life, he even went abroad to try to rebuild himself but without success. Moved, Brigitte begs him to believe that she loves her two sons as much as the other. In vain.

Inhabited by anger, Cyril sprinkles William with gasoline then asks his mother to decide which of his sons should live. He then hands her a gun and lights a match. Either she shoots Cyril to save William, or she chooses to save Cyril but lets William burn.

And while Aurore and Karim approach the shed, a gunshot rings out …


At the Delcourts, Judith informs her mother of her wish to stop studying to continue working at the farmhouse. Indeed, she plans to take over from her father by learning the trade at his side. Only, Chloe thinks that her daughter gets carried away a bit quickly and fears that it will then be too late to enroll in a school if she changes her mind. Far from letting herself be taken down, Judith reminds her that this is her life and that she doesn’t have to decide for herself.

At the same time, Souleymane is still in low spirits since his break-up with Judith. To change her mind, Gabriel leaves her no choice and takes her to the beach. But there, the two young men meet Judith, Camille and Noor sitting on deckchairs. If they say hello to the Meffre girl, they completely ignore the other two teenage girls. Deeming it unfair that Souleymane resents him for having hidden the truth about Judith and Noa’s relationship from him, Noor hastens to speak to him.

While she tries to make him understand that it would be stupid to make his head all summer, the son Myriel retorts that he is going the next day to his mother in Montpellier. No longer having any ties to Sète, he intends to end his vacation with her before moving to his father’s in Calvières at the start of the school year.

For her part, Chloe warns Alex that it is out of the question for Judith to stop studying to take over the farmhouse, but Alex prefers for her to do a job that pleases her.


In the morning, Charlie invites Anthony and Sylvain to lunch at La Paillote. Taken by the renovation site, they decline however. Sylvain, who noticed that his colleague had caught Charlie’s eye, then enjoys teasing him. Later, Charlie confides in Hadrien and Nathan that she has fallen for Sylvain’s friend. Insofar as she has never felt that way for a man, she has stars in her eyes, to the chagrin of Nathan who is particularly jealous.

Coming home from work, Charlie sees Anthony removing a ring from his finger and asks him about it. After he recounts that this gem is all he has left of his late father, Anthony and Charlie have an open-hearted discussion about the topic and the impact it has had on their lives.

During dinner, Christelle asks Anthony about his love life. Although he is a heart to take, he does not intend to form a relationship. In turn, Charlie signals that she is single and takes the opportunity to slip that she prefers older men.

While doing the dishes, Charlie opens up to Christelle about the love at first sight she had for Anthony. The latter may be sensitive, helpful and attentive, Christelle nevertheless thinks that it is a little too good to be true and advises Charlie to pay attention to her.

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