Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 986 of Friday, August 6, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 986 of friday, august 6, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While William makes a discovery, Camille does not keep his commitments. For their part, Lou and Nina leave Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday August 6 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following his assault, Régis was taken to hospital for treatment for his burn on his hand. The latter then confirms to his wife that Cyril has returned and that he is trying to kill him. If Brigitte is sorry to understand that Cyril must suffer a lot to get there, Régis feels no compassion. When William arrives to change his father’s bandage, he takes the opportunity to question him about his attacker. But Regis continues to protect his secret, explaining that he has not noticed anything in particular that would allow the police to identify him.

Meanwhile, the police search the Dauniers’ home for the slightest clue that would allow them to get their hands on the culprit. Like Frédéric Lacleau, the man arrested in the Gardiole massif, cannot be the one who attacked Régis, Sara does what is necessary to lift his custody.

Later, Aurore goes to the hospital to question Régis. Since her stepfather pretends not to know who could hate him at this point, she turns to Brigitte in hopes of getting an answer. Destabilized, the latter has no choice but to confirm the words of her husband while fleeing the gaze of Aurore.

For his part, William warns his sister that their father has been released from the hospital. While Bénédicte is afraid that the attacker will attack their parents again, William informs her that they have been placed under police protection. Immediately after, William and Bénédicte ask themselves questions and find it strange that “burns” constantly appear in this story. Between the burnt car, William’s phantom burns and now Regis’ acid assault, they are now certain that their parents are hiding things about the accident in July 1983.

Not far from there, Brigitte pushes her husband to tell the truth to their children but he always opposes it. Although he had learned to live with what he did, Regis would however be unable to face the gaze and the pain of his children if it were to come to light.

At the police station, the PTS confirms that the tent discovered in the middle of the Massif de la Gardiole is indeed the landmark of the White Lady. However, the scientist failed to find any fingerprints. If Karim and Georges think that the suspect is cautious, Aurore rather believes that the individual they are looking for has no fingerprints and that he probably burned his hands so that we cannot go back up. up to him. Aurore then specifies that she is certain that her in-laws know the identity of the aggressor and that they do everything to protect him.

At the same time, William sees Sofia wearing his grandmother’s trench coat. While she takes Brigitte’s earring out of her pocket, the doctor immediately recognizes the jewel he picked up in Serge Toussaint’s car. He then said to himself that if his mother lost an earring in Serge Toussaint’s car, it was because he was her lover.


At the Delcourts, Chloé and Xavier are working on their new jewelry collection. While Camille had planned to photograph the creations of her mother-in-law in the early afternoon, she finally prefers to postpone the session to 4 p.m. to take advantage of Dorian.

At the beach, Dorian and Camille are paddle boarding. The teens are having so much fun that Camille doesn’t see the clock ticking and arrives late for her photoshoot. As Chloe was forced to take the pictures herself, Camille assures us that she did very well and it is together that they then choose which one to post on social networks.

During dinner, Xavier criticizes his daughter for not having kept her commitments. Even though she apologizes once again to Chloe, Xavier can’t help but say that if she hadn’t been with Dorian, she would never have forgotten the date. While he considers it strange that his daughter changes her behavior exactly when she starts dating him, Camille retorts that he will have to get used to it because he is her boyfriend and then warns him that he has not. no interest in getting involved.


On parole, Victor returns home with an electronic ankle bracelet. Alone with Lou, he thanks her for everything she has done for him and Timothy. Hearing voices in the living room, Timothy bursts in and throws himself happily into his father’s arms.

After this warm reunion, it is time for Lou to leave Sète to reach Marseille where another professional adventure awaits him. Although he regrets seeing her go, Victor nevertheless wishes her to be happy in her new life. Timothée admits that with Nina, he will miss them a lot but adds that he will come to see them in the Phocaean city. It is then Nina’s turn to come and say goodbye to them by giving them a drawing before mother and daughter go to the police station to see Karim.

On the spot, the latter assures his daughter that he will come to Marseille in three weeks for his return to school and then embraces him. In return, Nina gives him her doll so that he thinks of her when he is not there. Once he tells her that he loves her, Karim hugs Lou and begs her to be careful on the road.

At the same time, Victor and Timothée arrive in the parking lot of a supermarket. Having exceeded the authorized perimeter, the businessman cannot go further at the risk of returning to prison. As Timothy refuses to go shopping alone since his bad experience with Lou, Victor chooses to have the groceries delivered to his home. Later, Victor devours peanut butter and Timothy points out to him that it is not good for his health before putting the jar back in the cupboard. His father having gained weight since his stay in prison, the teenager advises him to take a sports coach as well as cooking lessons.

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