Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 980 of Thursday, July 29, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 980 of thursday, july 29, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While William and Sofia make a strange discovery, Judith and Souleymane get back together. At the same time, animal traffickers are arrested.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday July 29 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At breakfast, Régis confides in his wife about his altercation with Séverine Toussaint. Certain that she is seeking revenge on their family by posing as the White Lady, he went to her garage and an argument broke out. If the spirits are heated on both sides, Regis however affirms that Séverine fell and swears that he did nothing to her.

In parallel, Séverine is questioned by the police and tells that a man arrived in his garage accusing him of being the White Lady. Angry, he would have pushed her violently. Although she has never met him, Séverine is formal, it was Régis Daunier. Regarding her father’s damaged car that she keeps in her garage, she explains that her mother insisted on keeping it and that she never had the courage to get rid of it.

For his part, Georges warns Karim that Séverine Toussaint cannot be the White Lady because she has an alibi for each accident. While Karim leaves to question Régis, Aurore warns Bénédicte and William that their father is the one who left Séverine for dead in his garage.

At the station, Régis admits having had a heated argument with Séverine Toussaint. However, he swears that he did not touch her and certifies that she tripped while backing up. To clarify this story, Captain Saeed meets Severine once again and pushes her to tell him the truth. With her back to the wall, she confesses that she fell. For his part, William waits for his father at the exit of the police station then accuses him of having acted like a coward. When the doctor tries to get answers about what really happened forty years earlier, Régis loses his temper and says that he doesn’t want to be questioned for two more hours.

William then goes to the hospital to apologize to Séverine for Regis’ attitude. When he learns that Regis’ car caught fire in the accident that cost Serge his life, William asks to see the wreckage.

At the Daunier’s, Maud and Sofia have fun trying on old things their grandmother wore when she was young. While putting on a trench, Sofia finds a green earring. Several kilometers away, William settles in the passenger seat of Serge’s car and discovers on the ground an earring identical to the one found by Sofia. And this jewel did not belong to Séverine’s mother since she did not have her ears pierced. William therefore decides to keep her.


Souleymane has made an appointment with Judith at La Paillote and informs her that he wants to leave Sète. Indeed, he wishes to spend the end of the holidays with his mother before settling permanently in Calvières with his father. Although understanding, Judith hoped that they would stay close despite their breakup. Back at the farmhouse, the teenager confides in Noor and cannot help feeling sad.

Later, Noa is at the water’s edge with Judith and invites her to accompany her to a party. After declining, she meets Souleymane at the Spoon. Regretting to have pushed him away, Judith admits that she did anything and asks him to give her a second chance. The couple then kiss and regain their bond. Happy, Souleymane declares that he loves her and that he will always love her.

On returning, Chloe is surprised to see that the two teenagers are back together. Worried, she seeks to know if her daughter still has feelings for Souleymane. But Judith, who doesn’t know, explains that it’s still a blur in her mind.


In the morning, Camille confesses to her sister that she has fallen for Dorian. Convinced that he feels the same, Maud encourages him to go for it. Subsequently, Sara arrives at the Delcourts to warn Camille that the police will intervene in the hideout of animal traffickers in the afternoon. While the young woman would like to be able to accompany them, her father categorically refuses. Despite the ban, Camille and Dorian rush to the scene and watch the police arrest the traffickers.

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