Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 979 of Wednesday, July 28, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 979 of wednesday, july 28, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Régis makes revelations to his wife, Juliette, Gaspard and Océane leave Sète. Camille and Dorian take risks.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday July 28 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


The day after Séverine Toussaint’s assault, the scientist’s first findings indicate that the garage door was not fractured and that no object was stolen. Consequently, the aggressor would have come on the spot to attack the victim directly.

After questioning the employees, Aurore takes advantage of being there to open Séverine’s box. Inside, she discovers the car in which Serge Toussaint was killed in July 1983 but to her surprise it is not burnt as Regis told her. While searching the vehicle, Sara noticed a bloodstain on the driver’s seat and Aurore therefore asked her teams to have her appraised.

During this time, Séverine is still unconscious but her vital prognosis is no longer engaged. Until she is awakened, it is impossible to know if she was hit or if she simply fell. For her part, Bénédicte finds her brother leaning against the wall of Séverine Toussaint’s bedroom. According to him, all the events he has recently experienced are connected to her and he now needs answers.

Later, Brigitte goes to Séverine’s bedside pretending to be a friend. After hearing from him, Brigitte quickly leaves the premises, especially as she begins to wake up. Aurore then introduces herself to the patient. However, as the latter suffers from terrible headaches, Captain Jacob is forced to postpone her interrogation.

For her part, Brigitte goes down to her garage and takes out a box containing love letters from 1981 which she rereads with a certain emotion. Joining her husband for an aperitif, she quickly notices that he is not doing well. Régis then ends up confessing to him that it is because of him that Séverine Toussaint is in the hospital.


Solenne, Ben, Gaspard and Océane are enjoying their last family lunch. To mark the occasion, the teenagers give each other gifts. Understanding that they will not be together for a long time, Gaspard, very moved, decides to go and prepare his business.

Later, Solenne apologizes to Bénédicte for being aggressive during their previous session, but William’s sister does not hold it against her. While she blocked the left side of the neck, Bénédicte explains that the bodily pains are often the expression of a malaise. In her case, it could mean a blockage on something from her past relating to her father. Bénédicte therefore urges him to accept this injury gradually, taking his time.

At the end of the afternoon, it’s time to say goodbye to the Girards and Couturier. Once they embrace and swear to meet again soon, Juliette, Gaspard and Océane leave. At the last moment, Solenne hastens to join them because she forgot to show them something. The teenager then gets up from her chair and takes her very first step to take Gaspard in her arms. With a smile on their face and tears in their eyes, they all huddle together once again before the Couturier take the road to another stage in their life.


On meeting Sara at the Spoon, Dorian and Camille show her the photos of the wildlife trafficking that the young man took last Friday while watching the uninhabited house. Unfortunately, the policewoman can do nothing and advises them to forget all this story.

Refusing to stand idly by, Dorian, Camille and Souleymane return to the villa in the hope of obtaining compromising evidence. Mission successful since many cages with new animals were stored in the house. Without waiting, Camille grabs her phone and films around her. In order to obtain additional elements, they steal a few cages which they then store at the Delcourts. By discovering the animals on the veranda, Xavier lectures Camille and Dorian explaining that it is the job of the police. However, the prosecutor agrees to order a new search.

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