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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police make an important discovery, Juliette wants to move to Brittany with her children. For his part, Xavier opens an investigation into animal trafficking.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday July 22 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After noticing the map of a game of the seven families on the video of a car accident dating from 1983, the police question Magali Kermadec once again. Although she is passionate about traffic accidents, she says she is not a murderer. During this time, Brigitte is in the middle of a tachycardia crisis and is looking for her anxiolytics. Even though he fears that his wife will become dependent on antidepressants again, Regis gives them to him in the hope of alleviating his suffering.

Later, Commander Constant proceeds to confront Patrick and Magali. Unfortunately, it has been two years since the two suspects have been in contact due to a dispute. Indeed, Magali never paid Patrick for the editing of his videos and they have never worked together again since. Noting that they have had no telephone communication in two years, Martin begins to doubt their guilt, especially since there are still no proven links between them and the Daunier family. While Magali is released, Patrick will appear for his immediate appearance for attempted burglary.

For their part, Bénédicte and William discuss the strange behavior of their parents. If they consider Régis particularly elusive, the overflow of affection shown by Brigitte the day before also raises questions.

Several kilometers away, Sofia is back in Sète. As soon as she got off the train, she goes to La Paillote to surprise Hadrien. When the latter tells her what her family went through in her absence, Sofia returns home and realizes that because of the worries, her father had forgotten that she was coming home. Subsequently, William gives a box of games to Manon and discovers inside a game of the seven families identical to that of the accidents. Intrigued, William tells his daughters that these cards bring back memories and that they see each other again with his sister playing them.

At the end of the day, Georges and Aurore go through the archives of road accidents in the region during the summer of 1983 and learn that in July of that year, a man was killed in a collision with a family. of vacationers. An accident which involved a certain Régis D., a Parisian optician who is none other than William’s father.


With the Girards, Gaspard accompanies Ben and Solenne to the hospital. As his mother intends to leave Sète to settle in Brittany, the young man would like to spend as much time as possible with them while it is still possible.

During her osteopathy session, Solenne is always tense. While Bénédicte massages her solar plexus, the teenager lets her emotions run free and realizes that her father is a monster. Following her treatment, Solenne confides in Gaspard who shows unfailing support.

Later, Juliette, who wants to get away from the region as far as possible, reunites her children and informs them that they are moving to Brittany next weekend. If Océane is delighted, Gaspard has no desire to leave his family and more particularly Solenne who needs to be supported at the moment. In vain. Juliette has made her decision and does not intend to go back on it.


At La Paillote, Camille and Souleymane tell Arthur and Dorian that they have discovered trafficking in wild animals in the uninhabited house. Quickly making the connection with the frightened monkey he saw the day before on the docks, Dorian joins his father to explain the whole story to him. Certain that the animal must have escaped from a boat, Étienne promises to check with the people at the harbor master’s office then asks his son not to take any unnecessary risks.

However, Dorian disobeys and finds Souleymane and Camille in front of the uninhabited house. As Dorian helps Camille climb the facade of the residence, a police patrol surprises them. When she lectures the teenagers, Sara immediately recognizes the daughter of the DA. The latter may tell him that a traffic of wild animals takes place behind these doors, the policewoman cannot enter without following a specific procedure. On the other hand, she guarantees to see what she can do.

Warned by the police, Xavier argues with Camille for having taken considerable risks. Insofar as he refuses to listen to his daughter, Dorian intervenes to talk about the trafficking and indicate that the uninhabited house serves as a landmark for criminals. To clarify this story, Xavier agrees to open an investigation. Before returning home, Dorian questions Camille about his relationship with Souleymane. After assuring him that they are just friends, Camille kisses him tenderly on the cheek.

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