Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 971 of Friday, July 16, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 971 of friday, july 16, 2021 [spoilers] - news series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While someone breaks into the Dauniers, Victor has a heart attack. Juliette confronts Sacha for her part.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday July 16 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following her discomfort, Victoire examines William and assures him that all is well. His blood pressure being low, Doctor Lazzari would however like to prescribe an electrocardiogram to him but William prefers rather to take care of his mother. In the next room, Brigitte was very lucky and comes out with a slight sprain in her hand. Thinking that she was uneasy at the wheel, William would like her to have a brain scan. However, when she explains that she had an accident because she wanted to avoid a woman dressed in white, the doctor quickly realizes that it cannot be just a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Aurore and Martin are at the scene of the accident and pick up a new playing card on Brigitte’s windshield. For Captain Jacob, there is no longer any doubt that her family is the target of this mysterious White Lady. Since there is a good chance that the stranger will attack other members of their family, Commander Constant decides to place the Dauniers under police protection. In one of the photos taken at the crash scene, Sara later notices a woman filming the entire scene. While the profile could correspond to the woman described by Chloe, the police find the trace of a certain Magali Kermadec, a video artist fascinated by car accidents.

Without waiting, Aurore and Martin go to her home and call her out. Seeing a white dress on the back shelf of her car, the police immediately took her into custody. During her interrogation, Magali proclaims her innocence and specifies that she simply has a passion for road accidents. Despite everything, Aurore swears not to let go until she has discovered the end of this story. Behind the window without complexion, Chloe confirms for her that the silhouette of Magali could correspond to that of the White Lady.

During the night, Aurore gets up to drink water and hears a noise. The policewoman then goes around her house and notices with dismay that someone has placed many photos of her daughters and her husband on the ground.


Not intending to let his stepson commit a crime, Lou urges Timothy to give him the false prescription. Unfortunately, the teenager fiercely opposes it and has a new crisis. To calm him down, the lawyer guarantees him that she is on his side and promises to help him.

After collecting the methylene at the pharmacy, Lou goes to the hospital and injects the product into Victor. A few seconds later, the latter struggles to breathe and then suddenly loses consciousness. Panicked, the lawyer calls for help. When she notices that her patient has no more pulse, Marianne understands that he is having a cardiac arrest and tries to resuscitate him.


Back in Sète, Solenne happily reunites with her family. To avoid spoiling the mood by talking about Sacha, Tristan pushes his niece to show her progress since her operation. The latter then gets up from her chair under the astonished gaze of her brothers and her uncle.

For her part, Juliette confronts Sacha in the parlor. Indeed, the mother has finally opened his eyes and now understands who he is. Disgusted by the one who has shared her life for all these years, Juliette declares that she no longer loves him and that she is now free from him. Having nothing more to lose, Sacha confides that he is still in love with her but Juliette retorts that he is dead in her eyes. While he asks to see his children, she categorically refuses and announces that she intends to change region. When he begs her, Juliette simply indicates that he will see them one last time when they testify against him.

Back at Tristan’s, Juliette doesn’t really want to talk about her interview with Sacha. When Gaspard confesses that he is worried about his father despite the harm he has done them, Ben and Solenne retort that they must all erase him from their lives once and for all. Immediately afterwards, the young man apologizes but Tristan assures us that it is normal for him to feel this way. For her part, Océane only hopes that their father will die in prison. Words that do not please Gaspard who indicates that he remains their father. While the tone rises, Tristan offers them to play cup-and-ball to ease tensions. Successful bet since the whole family gets back the smile by making fun of him.

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