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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police discover a second corpse, Betty agrees to sing with Maud’s band. At the same time, Louise accepts that her son goes to Greece.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday June 18 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In Frontignan, Sacha installs surveillance cameras in front of the house. Convinced that Garance could break into their home to hide false evidence, the father prefers to ensure his rear and do everything to dissuade her from returning. If Ben and Juliet think it’s excessive, Sacha claims to want to protect them. Shortly after, Ben joins Gaspard and Océane and tells them that their father has become completely paranoid. While Gaspard understands that he can go wild, Ben considers his behavior to be abnormal.

At the station, the investigation is stalling and the police have still not managed to establish a link between Vinciane, Julie and Clémentine. Karim then goes to Mas Josse then shows Yvan and Noa a photo of Vinciane and another of Clémentine. Unfortunately, neither the grandfather nor the grandson recognizes them.

Back at the police station, Martin and Karim inform Xavier of the progress of their investigations. For Commander Constant, Vinciane was killed by the same individual as Julie. And to add that he thinks that Sacha is the culprit. Only, Xavier refuses to go on this ground since it is at this stage a simple hypothesis. As the corpse of Vinciane could also be in the pond of Thau, the prosecutor gives them the authorization to start new excavations.

Subsequently, the police disembark at Alex’s mas. While they dredge the water point, the divers come across a second female corpse. Since the body has been in the water for too long, it is impossible to identify it without analysis. For his part, Sacha removes the license plates from his vehicle. At nightfall, he patiently waits for his ex-daughter-in-law to come out of her house and rush after him in the car.


At the Moreno’s, Sylvain and Christelle can’t believe that their daughter is competing with Maud for the concert of the Fête de la Musique. Even if the teenager has no desire to create problems for Judith, Sylvain and Christelle push their daughter to impose herself. Meanwhile, Mona is still looking for a location for the music party. Insofar as she told Maud that everything was arranged, Celeste’s nanny tries to make her son feel guilty so that he plays on his relationships. In vain.

Later, Judith informs Maud that she is competing with Betty for the music party. Desperate to play that night, Maud asks Mona if her proposal still stands. Back to the wall, the latter then claims to have canceled the place she had obtained in the morning. In high school, Betty apologizes to Maud and Judith for the whole thing. To arrange everyone, Judith suggests that they put on a number together and Maud and Betty meet at the Spoon to rehearse. Unfortunately, it is a disaster. For her part, Camille has fun filming them and is sure that it would be a hit on her social networks.


At the Spoon, Aurélien and Gary spend some time together. As the teenager says he is in a hurry to be able to go to Greece, Gary replies that he prefers to make sure his ex-wife is okay first. Gary then goes to Little Spoon to discuss their son’s departure with Louise. Although she is reluctant to become the mother to be avoided, she accepts anyway and makes Gary promise to send Aurélien back to her at the end of the holidays. Understanding, Gary swears that she will never lose her son.

At the end of the day, Louise takes advantage of being alone with Aurélien to have a discussion with him. After telling him how much she loved him, Louise asks his forgiveness for having separated him from her father all his years. And when she announces that he is going to Greece with him next week, the young man says that she is the best before throwing himself in her arms.

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