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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Aurélien meets his father, Timothée buys a gun. Jeanne misses one of her recipes.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 10 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Consumed by guilt, Louise blames herself for having deprived her children of their father. Although the situation is complicated, Bart indicates however that it is not too late for Mathilde and Aurélien to make up for lost time. At the same time, Mathilde reports to Aurélien her meeting with their father. As his brother is convinced that Gary is playing the victims to enter their life, Mathilde tries to convince him otherwise, then urges him not to miss his chance to get to know him before he goes back to Greece.

Later, Gary receives a message from Mathilde with a photo of her in high school. Glad to see that she tries to bond with him, they then exchange many messages. However, the father of the family is saddened to note that Aurélien has still not contacted him but Mickaël encourages him to be patient.

For his part, Aurélien confides to his mother how much it drives him crazy that Mathilde wants to bond with their father. Taking courage in both hands, Louise then asserts that Gary has changed. Insofar as Aurélien refuses to give him a second chance, she advises him to think carefully and then specifies that she will not blame him if he chooses to meet him.

In the afternoon, Gary is waiting for his son downstairs with a bag of candy he loved when he was little. Afterwards, father and son have an open-hearted discussion. After claiming that he had never stopped looking for them, Gary declares that he would like to have a place in the lives of his children. A wish that Aurélien would like to see come true.

Back home, Aurélien enthusiastically tells Mathilde about the exchange he had with their father. Both eager to get to know him, the teenagers would not be against the idea of ​​living with him in Greece. Through the door, Louise overhears their vague conversation.


At breakfast, Timothée tells Karim and Anna that it pains him to see Nina leave Sète when they had built a beautiful fraternal relationship. For Anna, that will never change but Timothy doubts it, fearing that the little girl will forget her. Visibly affected, Karim prefers to go to work.

Shortly after, Timothée joined Victor in the parlor. Determined to stay in Sète, the young man would like to live in prison with his father. Unfortunately, the latter makes him understand that it is impossible. Timothée then skips class to surf the dark web, determined to buy a gun. And to do this, he takes advantage that Lou has his back turned to steal his credit card.

Later, Karim is with Lou and Nina. While their daughter is riding the merry-go-round, the police officer tries to convince the lawyer to give up her post in Marseille but without success. At the end of their interview, Karim asks Martin about his transfer to the Phocaean city. Even if he has no guarantee of landing in Marseille, Karim nevertheless accepts to take the risk and launches the procedure.

Not far from there, Timothy withdraws money from the ATM before buying a gun from a young man. A weapon that the Brunet son intends to use.


At the farmhouse, Judith and Noor revise the bac exams. For lunch, Jeanne chose to prepare them a gratin dauphinois, a recipe that she has been concocting for years. However, living with Alzheimer’s disease, Alex’s mother mixes the ingredients at random and even pours a whole jar of paprika into her mixture. Everyone pretends to find it delicious so as not to upset her, Jeanne, who has understood her mistake, throws the dish in the trash.

As she is annoyed at the idea of ​​knowing that her memory will diminish over time, Judith and Noor decide to show her the new Tik Tok challenge that is circulating on the net. In order to make him work on his memory, the two young women teach him choreography. And it is with the rhythm in the skin that Judith, Jeanne and Noor spend a pleasant moment together.

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