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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Mathilde meets her father, William puts his revenge into action. For his part, Timothy steals Karim’s weapon.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday June 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After Aurélien hits his father on the head, Bart drives Gary to the hospital and Gary claims he had a bad fall. The next morning, Karim arrives in Montpellier and takes Louise to the station to ask her a few questions about her husband’s complaint.

Meanwhile, Gary is doing much better. Suffering from a mild concussion, he should be discharged from the hospital after a few days. Even if he did not think that his wife would have turned the heads of his children so much, Mickaël said to himself that they will eventually open their eyes and that they will find that he has changed. Not far from there, Karim explains to Louise that Gary has been clean since his release from prison and that he has fully reinserted himself. And to add that she risks three years in prison for kidnapping.

For their part, Mathilde and Aurélien move back to Bart’s apartment. When Mathilde announces that she wants to meet their father, Aurélien opposes it, specifying that their mother has good reasons for wanting to protect them. Despite everything, Mathilde goes to the hospital where she questions her father directly about his past as a drug addict. After admitting to his drug addiction in the past, Gary then swears that he has been weaned for years. When he declares that Louise has taken advantage of his detention to escape and prevent him from finding them, Mathilde, who does not appreciate his attacks, prefers to leave.

Gary catches up with her in the hallways and apologizes for her clumsiness, then tells her her story. At first, he started using drugs to be like everyone else, but this habit eventually turned into a way of life. Upon falling into the heroine, Gary became angry. If he recognizes that Louise was right to leave, he affirms that it is by looking at a photo of his children that he really clicked. These being the most precious thing in the world, he had only one obsession from then on: to become a good person. Before his daughter leaves, Gary leaves her contact information in case she wants to see him again.

At the police station, Louise is free to leave but remains under judicial supervision with a ban on leaving the region. Very moved, she confides in Karim that she blames herself for having made such a mistake about the father of her children and that she feels guilty for not having kept any contact with him. In the evening, Louise bursts into tears in Bart’s arms for having deprived her children of their father and fears that they will never forgive her.


At breakfast, Samuel tells Alma that William knows about Hadrian and Sofia and that he wants to have a little fun watching them get bogged down in their lies.

At the same time, Hadrien printed 200 t-shirts with his effigy. Claiming to want to get into the event, the young man wants to make his candidacy a real event by flooding the city of Sète with his T-shirts. He therefore requests the help of the Daunier family to distribute them which will make William smile.

In order to teach them a good lesson, the doctor decides to post a photo of Hadrian’s underpants with his phone number on all gay dating sites. While he receives numerous messages which force him to turn off his phone, Sofia suspects her father of having wanted revenge.


Determined to become independent in order to stay with his father, Timothée goes to the supermarket to do his first shopping. Unfortunately, this is a failure for the teenager. While Lou offers him to try again, Timothy, who no longer wants to set foot in this kind of place, returns to high school.

At the end of his class, he warns Chloe that he couldn’t do his homework because he had other priorities. When she tries to figure out what is going on, Timothy remains silent and heads for her next class. At the same time, Karim knows that he must request his transfer to Marseille to stay in Nina’s life and Anna says she is ready to follow him to the ends of the earth.

At the end of the day, Timothy, who came to study with Isam, asks Anna and Karim to accommodate him. The reporter then accepts that he stays until he finds a solution to her problem. After seeing Karim put his gun in a safe, the teenager waits until everyone is asleep to retrieve it.

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