Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 943 of Tuesday, June 8, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Gary finds Louise, Sacha organizes a picnic aperitif with the family. Timothy is learning to become independent.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday June 8 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Gary goes to the station to file a child abduction complaint and tells Karim his story. A former drug addict, Gary took advantage of his prison sentence to wean himself and study, but when he was released, his partner and children were missing. Although he searched for them for a while, he later left France to avoid relapsing into his old demons.

After working on a fishing boat in Greece, Gary set up his own company specializing in marine pollution control. A booming startup since it is about to open a subsidiary in Portugal. An accomplished man, Mathilde and Aurélien’s father resumed research four years earlier. Unfortunately, Louise disappeared whenever he found their trail. As he is afraid that his criminal record will turn against him, Karim reassures him and affirms that he takes his complaint very seriously.

Meanwhile, Louise and Bart spent the night together. Having never obtained sole custody of her children, Louise fears that her husband will file a complaint against her for kidnapping. Insofar as she categorically refuses Gary to approach her children, she is determined to leave France for Guadeloupe. Bart may encourage her to face it by launching legal proceedings, Louise is against it because she knows full well that it can take years.

Not far from there, Karim meets Anna at the Spoon and tries to find out where Louise is hiding. In vain. While they are affectionate towards each other, Mickaël observes them discreetly then hastens to warn Gary that Bart’s mother is in a relationship with the police officer who took his complaint. Convinced that the police will not help him, Gary has no choice but to get his hands on his wife on his own and therefore decides to follow Anna to Montpellier.

For her part, Louise is packing her bags. Bart tries to convince her to stay, but the mother sticks to her positions, determined to protect her children. A moment later, their discussion is cut short when Gary barges in. The tone rises quickly between the former spouses and Gary then grabs Louise by the arm to make her listen to reason. Aurélien, who hears them arguing, grabs a glass bottle before hitting his father who falls to the ground unconscious, his face soaking in a pool of blood.


Garance having left him a week to leave Clémentine’s apartment, Sacha would like to take the opportunity to convince Ben to live in Frontignan. While Juliette is delighted at the idea that they all live together, the coach proposes to announce the good news to the children during a picnic aperitif.

Later, Ben joins Océane in front of her house and tells her that the Girards are going to settle in Frontignan. Not intending to please their father by agreeing to live under the same roof, the two teenagers therefore decide to stand up. However, Sacha leaves them no choice and the whole family will soon be moving to Frontignan.


Hoping to move to Marseille as quickly as possible, Lou visits Victor in the parlor to find a solution for Timothée to stay in Sète. If the lawyer plans to hire a home assistant to help him with daily chores, Victor is convinced that his son will never consent to live with a stranger.

Back home, Lou tells Timothy about her idea. As he has no desire to live with a stranger, the adolescent wants to become independent. Shortly after, Lou teaches him how to make an omelet. As he realizes that he will not be able to manage the daily tasks with his tight schedule, Lou retorts that he will have to face the unforeseen to be independent.

At the same time, Karim discusses the custody of Nina with Virginie. Even if he has little chance of obtaining sole custody of his daughter, the police officer nevertheless wishes to initiate the procedure so that Lou realizes that she did not have to make this decision without his consent. Alerted by his colleague, Lou joins Karim at the police station and reports that no court will grant him custody with the hours he works. When the policeman says he is ready to negotiate, Lou suggests that he come and settle in Marseille. However, he immediately rejects this hypothesis.

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