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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Louise reveals the truth to her children, William comes across another boxer. For his part, Sacha manipulates Garance

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday June 7 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In Montpellier, Aurélien and Mathilde dig into their mother’s business and come across the photo of her wedding. Meanwhile, Anna informs Bart that Louise’s restaurant never went bankrupt and that she sold him a bite of bread in order to leave town as soon as possible. Understanding that his companion has been fleeing the father of her children for years, Bart goes to Montpellier to obtain explanations. After the son Vallorta has made a beautiful declaration of love to her, the mother tells her her story.

Louise and Gary got married in 2003. A love that gave birth to Aurélien and Mathilde. But their happiness quickly turned into a nightmare for Louise when Gary relapsed into drugs and started dealing. It only took a short time for it to be in the grip of violent crises. Although he never raised a hand on her, Gary punched the walls and cupboards until they blew. If Louise could bear the arguments, she then worried about her children when strangers began to squat their apartment and she found Mathilde playing with a syringe.

A click for the young woman who settled overnight in a small studio not very far from her husband. However, Gary reacted badly and would come to her house at any time to scare her. When the latter took seven years in prison for drug trafficking and assault, she took the opportunity to disappear. A story she never told her children to protect them. Back home, however, Louise has no choice but to tell her children the truth after Mathilde shows her the photo of her wedding.

In shock, the teenagers still understand better why they have moved so much in the past. Ready to sacrifice everything to protect them from the man she loved, Louise says they absolutely must leave for Guadeloupe to escape her. During dinner, Mathilde asks many questions about her father. While the teenager would like to meet him, his mother objects, explaining that he is a dangerous man.

Not far from there, Mickaël informs Gary that he has lost track of Bart. Certain that his wife is on the outskirts of Montpellier near the airport, Gary fears seeing her flee abroad with her children. With his back to the wall, he must file a complaint for kidnapping if he wants to see them again one day.


In the morning, William discovers a boxer brief on a parasol identical to the one he found in his things a week earlier. Convinced that it belongs to Hadrian, the doctor arrives in his room to obtain explanations. As he is not there, William begins to search the premises and sees other underwear of the same kind. Having no further doubts that Sofia and Hadrien are a couple, William tells Samuel about it. Faced with his friend’s silence, Doctor Daunier quickly understood that he was already aware. While Samuel urges him to speak to the couple, William refuses, determined to have fun too.

At the same time, Hadrien wears a T-shirt with Sofia’s face and gives her one with her face on it. Even if she will never wear it, the teenager accepts it anyway. On returning home, Sofia has her father sign a document for the grand oral. But taking out her things, she drops her T-shirt in her hands. As he tries to figure out what it is, Sofia claims that her boyfriend is embarking on a new art project. The opportunity for William to criticize the fact that he is unemployed. Worried, the young woman joins her panicked boyfriend at the idea that her father will find out the truth. However, the latter seems to have an idea and asks her to trust him.


Solenne arrived in Boston and has a video chat with her father and brother who encourage her to be strong. Later, Sacha would like to know if his son has considered his proposal to live with the Couturier. He might not wish them any harm, Ben categorically refuses because he has no desire to play the small model family.

In the afternoon, Garance bursts into Sacha’s place and gives him two days to leave his mother’s apartment. Insofar as he tries to change her mind, she finally agrees to give him a week. If he plays the victim in front of the young woman, he then laughs in a Machiavellian way once she is gone.

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