Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 941 of Friday, June 4, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Bart finds Louise’s trail, Timothy wants to get Victor out of prison. Solenne leaves for Boston.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday June 4 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After having fled by jumping from the balcony, Aurélien arrives the next morning at Bart’s house with a limp and reveals to him that his mother intends to take them to Guadeloupe. Meanwhile, Louise discovers that her son has escaped. Although she insists that her daughter know where he went, she swears that she has no idea. While the tone shows between mother and daughter, Louise loses her temper and slaps her.

Not far from there, Mickaël, who is on probation, does not want to end his days in prison now that Bart knows his face and therefore terminates his contract with Gary. For her part, Roxane has managed to enter the bank’s server and finds Mickaël’s trace. Noticing that he received a transfer of 3000 euros not long ago, Anna comes to believe that the client of the Spoon has been paid to watch Louise.

In Montpellier, Bart and Aurélien land at Louise’s place. When Bart begs her to explain, the latter declares that she doesn’t love him anymore. Certain that she is lying, the Vallorta son then promises to find out what she is hiding from him. After asking him to leave them alone, Louise kicks him out before she cries bitterly when she is alone.

A short distance away, Anna waits for Mickaël downstairs and threatens to throw him at the police to make him talk. With his back to the wall, he reveals that Louise is not who she claims to be.


In the parlor, Victor tries to convince his son to follow Lou to Marseille. As Timothy insisted on staying in Sète with him, the businessman, very moved, made him understand that it was impossible. When he then offers to return to his mother in the United States, the teenager categorically rejects this idea.

Karim fears he will never see his daughter again and is determined to obtain sole custody of Nina. When Anna urges him to ask for his transfer to Marseille to be with her daughter, the policeman opposes it. Shortly after, Karim finds Lou and tells him about his intentions. If the lawyer would like to avoid coming to this, Karim points out that she leaves him no choice and guarantees not to drop the case.

In high school, Timothée approaches Maud and Camille to obtain their father’s contact details. Not knowing the teenager, they refuse. However, Timothy is determined and follows them home. Once Chloe brings him in, he explains that he wants to get his father out of prison to live with him.

Later, Xavier meets son Brunet. Although he understands that the situation is complicated, unfortunately the prosecutor cannot do anything for him. When she arrives at the Delcourts, Lou apologizes to them. Insofar as she does not want him to suffer because of his choices, the lawyer agrees to find a solution with him.


After having recovered the 20,000 euros from the sale of Vinciane’s jewelry, Sacha hastens to return home to announce to his children that Solenne’s operation has been confirmed. Happy, the whole family toast at the good news.

Warned by Sacha, Juliette informs Gaspard and Océane that Solenne is leaving for Boston in the evening to have an operation. As the teenagers rejoice for their stepsister, Juliette pushes her daughter to think seriously about her father’s proposal. Despite everything, Océane is sticking to her positions.

At the same time, Solenne prepares her suitcase. Even if he would have liked to accompany him, Sacha is obliged to remain in Sète within the framework of the case on the disappearance of Clémentine. Delighted for her, Sacha assures us that she will end up walking again.

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