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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Bart and Anna lead the investigation, Sacha does everything to reimburse Solenne. William, meanwhile, can’t help but be afraid for his daughter.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday June 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following their hasty departure, Mathilde and Aurélien demanded an explanation. Even if Louise confirms to them that her story with Bart is over, Mathilde finds it hard to believe her especially since she did the same thing to them six months earlier by forcing them to leave Montpellier for Sète overnight. Forced to close her restaurant because of the Covid, their mother claims she needed to start from scratch. Despite everything, the two teenagers remain perplexed. According to them, Bart does not know what is really going on and it is for this reason that she confiscated their phones.

At the same time, Bart is terribly worried and tries to reach his partner. In vain. When Ben rings the bell and indicates that he cannot reach his girlfriend, the son Vallorta promises to keep him informed as soon as he has anything new.

Later, Anna and Bart try to figure out why Louise has fled and decide to investigate. At the police station, Karim tells them that she has never lodged a complaint against Mickaël. Back at the apartment, Anna and Bart continue their research and manage to unlock Louise’s phone. While searching, the young man comes across a photo of Mickaël at Little Spoon taken without his knowledge and imagines that his partner has suddenly disappeared because of a secret.

Not far from there, Ben leaves high school and leaves a message on Mathilde’s answering machine. Mickaël, who overhears her speaking, pretends to be a friend of the family and is worried about not being able to reach them. The teenager therefore reveals that Louise and her children are gone. Without waiting, Mickaël gets into his car and hastens to contact a certain Gary to warn him that Louise, Aurélien and Mathilde have vanished. The latter then orders him to find them as soon as possible. On seeing Mickaël, Bart runs to meet him to find out where Louise is. Unfortunately, the man starts off with a bang and takes the loose.


With Solenne’s operation fast approaching, Sacha swears to reimburse him for the 20,000 euros that are missing before his departure for Boston. As she finds it hard to believe, the father retorts that he has already paid several deposits to the hospital and booked an Airbnb. And to add that everything will be settled in two days before asking her to trust him. Later, the teenager tells Tristan and Ben that she wants to give their father a second chance. However, she certifies that she will leave the family home if he does not keep her promise. Although he hopes not to come to this, Tristan ensures that they will always be welcome at his home.

For her part, Garance did not finally return to Toulouse, not being able to bring herself to act as if nothing had happened. Since she has to do a nursing internship as part of her studies, she would like to be able to do it at Saint-Clair hospital, which would also give her the necessary time to put pressure on Sacha. Flore then agrees to see what she can do and then renews her full support.

Sacha tells Juliette how important it was for him that his children meet. After reflecting, the sports coach wants to move in the right direction and would like to reunite his two families under the same roof. Juliette may understand the situation, she still needs to think about it. Subsequently, Sacha finds a mysterious stranger on the docks to whom he asks to resell the jewelry belonging to Vinciane for 30,000 euros.


Among the Dauniers, William still ruminates on the idea of ​​knowing Sofia how to multiply her conquests. If Aurore understands their daughter’s need for lightness, this is not the case with her husband, who would like to protect his eldest. When Aurore then reminds him that she is going to Paris for a few days to take training on cybercrime, William replies that he is far from being delighted to have to deal with his daughters’ escapades in his absence. Meanwhile, Hadrien and Sofia coo by the pool. Fearing that William will discover the truth and that he will never forgive him, Samuel insists that they be more discreet.

Later, William can’t help but complain to Alma and Samuel about Sofia’s one-night stands. While Doctor Chardeau considers that she is old enough to do what she wants, William loses his temper and criticizes her for being lax. Hearing them arguing in the distance, Sofia would like to tell her father the whole truth, but Hadrian urges him to wait until he calms down before doing so. At the end of the day, Aurore asks her daughters to keep up with her in her absence. Unfortunately, when William joins them by questioning Sofia about her schedule, she struggles to stay calm and chooses to sleep at Samuel’s place to avoid arguments.

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