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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sacha once again commits the irreparable, Jules takes his future in hand. Sofia and Hadrian’s plan worked.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday May 27 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Juliette contacts her companion to find out if he has thought about a new organization for their two families. While he has not yet discussed the subject with his children, Juliette urges him to find a solution quickly. Before he hangs up, Juliette is firm and demands transparency, specifying that she will no longer bear the slightest lie.

For his part, Ben went to Frontignan to see where his father spent half of his time. While observing the Couturier house, Ben meets Océane. Subsequently, the two teenagers evoke the lies that their father invented to justify his repeated absences. When the young woman invites him to come home to chat with his mother, Ben prefers to leave.

Meanwhile, Sacha goes to the Spoon where Tristan admits to having been very afraid for him learning that he had tried to end his life. Sacha then said he was now ready to face his problems and fix the situation. When Tristan asks him frankly if he killed Clémentine, the sports coach answers no.

Not far from there, Commander Constant informed the prosecutor of the end of the investigations. However, Martin is convinced that Clémentine was killed at the hands of Sacha Girard. Having no evidence to prove it, the police officer hopes that he will make a misstep or that the victim’s body will surface.

At the end of the day, Sacha joins Vinciane at the edge of the beach. Since the latter refuses to give in to her advances, she threatens to reveal to the police her violent tendencies in order to advance the Doucet case. Indeed, Vinciane reminds her that their lovemaking has always been on the verge of violence and evokes the time when her lover had hit her so hard that she had been forced to stop work for five days.

In a black anger, Sacha forbids him to speak to the police. More and more threatening towards her, Vinciane panics and shouts for help but Sacha hits her violently in the face. On the ground, she begs him not to hurt her then swears not to say anything. Unfortunately, nothing helps. Sacha, who is completely possessed, strangles him until death follows.


At breakfast, Jules learns with joy that he has been selected to take the last test of the entrance examination of a large computer school in Lyon to become a web programmer. The test will start the following Monday and if successful, the teenager will begin his training immediately. Even though Virginie is proud of him, she can’t help but be moved to see her son soon leave the nest.

Later, Charlie suggests that Jules go on vacation abroad this summer, but his dream quickly flies when he announces that he will undoubtedly join a computer school in Lyon. While Jules says he wants to stay with her despite the distance, Charlie doesn’t believe it. Pained, the young woman goes to the hospital and confides in Christelle. Charlie is afraid that her boyfriend will make a new life without her but Christelle tries to make him understand that it is not because he is interested in his future that he no longer cares about her. However, when Jules tries to contact her, she doesn’t answer him.


Happy that his plan worked, Hadrien takes advantage that his girlfriend is alone to visit him. As he went a little far to make their parents believe that they hated each other, Hadrien has an idea to be forgiven. The young man therefore organizes a treasure hunt so that Sofia joins him in the bathroom.

After having made love, Sofia hears a noise in the house. Panicked, the teenager quickly puts on a bathrobe and asks Hadrien to leave the scene immediately. Arriving in her sister’s room, Manon understands that she was not alone but Sofia assures us that she is wrong before throwing her out. For his part, Hadrian fled naked. Seeing William enter the residence, he hastens to lie down on a sun bath to pretend he is doing a full tanning session. William then does not hesitate to give him a moral lesson on the rules of knowing how to live in community and then the summons to get dressed as soon as possible.

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