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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sacha is released, Maud and Chloe have a discussion. For her part, Roxanne accepts Georges’ proposal.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday May 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Garance learns from Anna that Sacha will be released within an hour. An announcement that does not please at all to the young woman who is convinced of her guilt. Meanwhile, the shovel’s analysis results prove that the blood found on the object does indeed belong to Sacha. However, there is no trace of Clementine’s DNA. If Commander Constant remains convinced that Sacha is hiding something, the prosecutor, who has no evidence to support, decides to lift police custody.

Later, Garance arrives at the police station and attacks Sacha directly by throwing his bag in his face. As she begs Martin not to let him go, the policeman tries to calm her down by hugging her and then promises that they’ll eventually corner him if he’s guilty. Not far from there, Vinciane came across Clémentine’s wanted advice while consulting articles on the net. She then contacts Sacha and leaves him a message asking him to call her back.

At the same time, Sacha returns home where he is greeted coldly by his children. For Ben, his father is capable of anything and he accuses him of hurting his stepmother. Exhausted by his custody, Sacha however wishes to rest before answering the questions of the two teenagers. As this response annoys him terribly, Ben accuses his father of playing the victim and then leaves for high school. Once alone, Sacha locks himself in his room before bursting into tears while looking at a box of anxiolytics. Shortly after, Sacha goes to the Spoon and swears to his brother that he has done no harm to Clementine. Unfortunately, Tristan refuses to listen to him, believing that he has already given enough in the role of the understanding brother.

When disembarking in Frontignan, Sacha stays at the door of his house because Juliette has had the locks of the house changed. From the outside, the sports coach then begs his wife to let him in in order to have a discussion. Only, Océane opposes it and threatens to call the police. Insofar as Sacha does not give up, Océane ends up opening the door and overwhelms him with numerous reproaches. When his father assures him that he loves them more than anything, Océane asks him to stop playing the victim and then says that she hopes that the police will lock him up so that he will die in prison. After she slams the door in his face, Sacha gets into his car in tears. Emotions run high, he swallows several pills while drinking alcohol and then sets off with a bang.


At the Delcourts, Maud warns the whole family that she will do her next rehearsals at Mona’s. Happy to join the banda, the latter welcomes her new companions to the roommate. While the musicians manage to rehearse harmoniously, Mona, who is a bit rusty, has a hard time keeping up and is not in the rhythm at all. When Maud asks her if she will be ready for the music festival, Mona is still very confident. After 24 hours on call, Victoire discovers the brass band in her living room and asks the whole troop to leave the premises. While her stepmother insists on rehearsing for a few more hours, Victoire guarantees to make her pay for it.

The young doctor then goes to Chloe’s to collect Sandrine’s keys. The situation could not last any longer, Chloe contacts Xavier to ask him to solve the problem as soon as possible. Without waiting, the prosecutor goes to Mona’s house and puts an end to the rehearsals. Back at home, Maud confides to Chloe that her father made her ashamed in front of his new friends but especially that Mona plays music very badly. The two women also take the opportunity to put things straight and ease tensions. Recognizing that she has gone too far, Maud declares that she is ready to discuss with her the future of their rehearsals.


At the Spoon, Roxane announces to Georges that she accepts to join his team within the PTS. As she fears having to be accountable to someone, Georges specifies that he is not worried about her and is happy to have found the first official member of his team. Upon hearing the news, Aurore is particularly cold towards her colleague. Furious, Captain Jacob joins Martin and tells him about her doubts about Roxane’s arrival in the police. Unfortunately for her, Commander Constant has no intention of interfering in the affairs of the new director of the PTS, especially since he is sure that Roxane will make an excellent recruit. Later, Martin summons Karim because he would like to know why their colleague is so angry with Roxane. According to the latter, we must let it flow because in a few weeks, Aurore will have calmed down.

For her part, Aurore asks Sara to tell Roxane to decline Georges’ proposal because it is a bad idea for them to work together. While Sara stands up for her friend, Aurore does not give up and does not intend to work with the one who attacked her family. Sara may encourage her to make a difference, Aurore threatens to tell Georges the truth if she doesn’t get what she wants. Sara finds Roxane then brings back her discussion with Aurore. The waitress hesitates to take George’s offer for fear of reprisals but Sara, who thinks her colleague was bluffing, excludes seeing her miss out on a golden opportunity. After this discussion, Roxane confirms her choice and can already imagine herself in her new functions.


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