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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sacha is in bad shape, Maud is angry with Chloe. Georges offers Roxanne to join his team.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday May 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After spending the weekend in police custody, Sacha is questioned by Commander Constant. If the latter thinks that he could have killed Clémentine to protect his secret, the sports coach swears that he would never have done him any harm before becoming unwell from lack of hydration. After he has recovered his senses, Martin tries once more to make him speak but Sacha maintains his version of the facts and the summons to find the woman he loves. As he stands in his position, the prosecutor gives the green light to the police to search Juliette’s home.

Meanwhile, Ben wonders if his father lied to him about Clementine and thinks he could have killed her. Although Solenne admits that their father is a liar, however, she specifies that this does not make him a murderer. Not far from there, Gaspard, who asks himself the same questions, seeks to know if his mother intends to leave his father now that the truth has emerged. But Juliette retorts that she first wishes to have a big discussion with her companion before making such a decision. Later, the police arrive at Juliette’s house. While searching the house, Karim discovers a shovel with traces of blood and decides to send it to the laboratory for analysis.

For his part, Gaspard is in low spirits because Solenne no longer responds to his messages since their life has been turned upside down. While Océane fears that her brother is in love with the teenager, he says not and adds that he simply fell in love with his half-sister. At the end of the day, Martin questions Sacha once again. Once he shows him the photos of the shovel seized from Juliette, the policeman says that he is convinced that the traces correspond to Clémentine’s blood.


As Maud plans to rehearse with her fanfare during the day, Chloe relies on Xavier to talk to her daughter. The prosecutor then joins her and forbids her to bring her friends to play music. A decision that does not please Maud at all, who considers that her mother-in-law is playing the hypocrite. By meeting Chloe at the Spoon, the teenager accuses her of having stuck a knife in her back. For the mother of a family, it’s up to Xavier to impose the limits but Maud thinks on the contrary that she has fun making him believe that she is cool when that is not the case at all.

Subsequently, Mona, who was part of a marching band in her youth, brought out her helicon named Jean-Michel. When she indicates that she wants to join the band, Maud replies that her group no longer has any place to rehearse. Mona therefore agrees to welcome them to her home the next day on condition that she obtains a place in the group. Without hesitation, the teenager accepts. At the end of the day, Chloe tries to find a solution to ease the tensions with her stepdaughter. While she is willing to give him the field to rehearse Friday afternoon, Maud coolly signals that it is no longer worth it.


At Spoon, Georges offers Roxane to join his team at PTS. Even though she loves hacking, the waitress sees it more as a hobby. To test her, the police officer gives her three minutes to get hold of her social security number, which Roxane manages to do in just a few seconds. Impressed by her talent, Georges declares that he wants her on his team.

At the police station, Georges tells Aurore about the proposal he made to Roxane. If the policewoman tries by all means to make him change his mind, Georges knows that a talent like this does not run the streets and has no intention of letting her go. At the same time, Sara encourages her partner to accept the job. While Roxane doesn’t see herself working at the same location as Captain Jacob, Sara points out that it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

Later, Aurore goes to the Spoon with the firm intention of convincing Roxane to decline. Unfortunately, the waitress makes it clear to her that she has no orders to receive from her and then the sum to leave her alone.

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