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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police make a discovery, Aurore is the victim of a computer hack. Meanwhile, Hadrian and Sofia have a plan to spend more time together.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday May 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Following Sacha’s confessions concerning the money in the pot, the atmosphere is particularly electric among the Girards. The father then claims to have lied so as not to worry them about his financial situation and then undertakes to reimburse as soon as possible. However, the latter will be unable to honor his promise because his banker informs him shortly after his loan application has been rejected.

Meanwhile, Martin and Sara begin a neighborhood investigation around the forest of Bouzigues and question a certain Stéphane Lacombe who lives in the area. Although he shows himself rather resistant to the questions put to him, Stéphane nevertheless affirms that he has never seen Clémentine around.

The police then join the search teams to search the area. When Garance arrives to lend them a hand, Martin has no other choice but to accept that the young woman participate in the beaten. After a few hours wandering in the scrubland, the police find Clementine’s bag abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

For his part, Sacha goes to the hospital and urges Doctor Lazzari to prescribe anxiolytics for him. If she refuses at first, Victoire is softened by the coach’s misfortunes and finally accepts. Not far from there, Solenne tells Gaspard about her father’s latest escapades. Very angry, the teenager comes to wonder if her mother-in-law would not have left Sacha because she had discovered his theft in the pot.

At nightfall, Sacha comes home and notices that his daughter is chatting on her phone with GF16. While he is trying to find out if they are dating, Solenne replies that it has not yet been done and then provokes him by adding that she intends to sleep with him. Sacha, who is furious, slaps her before Ben intervenes by promising his father to break his face if he comes to do it again.

At the station, Martin provides an update on the investigation with his team. Seeing the name of Stéphane Lacombe in the list of interviewees, Georges remembers that he was a client of the gym where Clémentine worked. And once he enters his name into the police database, Martin discovers that Stéphane has already been convicted of sexual assault several times.


Since Aurore has decided not to say anything, Roxane and Sara toast their new life, happy to finally leave this whole story behind. At the same time, Karim finds Aurore at the Spoon to thank her for not having said anything about her involvement in the Aurélie Doumergue affair. While the policewoman hopes he never does such a thing again, Captain Saeed swears she can trust him.

While researching her computer in the hope of finding her future sofa, Aurore is the victim of a hack by ransomware, a malicious software that takes the personal data of its owner hostage. To unlock access, the user must pay a certain amount of money.

Without waiting, the policewoman goes to see Georges at the police station. As it is beyond his skills, he recommends that he contact a company specializing in cyber security. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything for her either. Desperate, Aurore then turns to Sara to get help from Roxane who is opposed to becoming the policewoman’s stooge considering that they are quits.


The Dauniers have moved into their new villa. While Manon and Sofia would like to organize a huge housewarming party, their parents have no desire to alienate their new neighbors. Upon learning that the neighboring house has been rented out, Sofia hastens to join Hadrien to share an idea with him: if Samuel and Alma become the Dauniers’ neighbors, they will then have the opportunity to see each other whenever they wish. .

Deeming the idea excellent, Hadrien would like to find a way to achieve it without putting the chip in the ear of their parents. While walking in the streets of Sète, the couple meet a father whose children are particularly agitated and who agrees to come to their aid.

A few hours later, William returns home and discovers the shared swimming pool at the residence upside down. Sofia makes him believe that a couple with their five children have come to visit the rental house and that they have ransacked the common areas. Insofar as William and Aurore refuse to have such crazy neighbors, Sofia suggests that they find nice tenants before giving the names of Samuel and Alma. Aurore, who thinks this idea is excellent, hastens to call her friends.

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