Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 928 of Tuesday, May 18, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police arrest a suspect, Maud succeeds in her hearing. Georges becomes the new director of the PTS.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, May 18 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Juliette contacts Sacha to inform him that she is going to the Sète police station to respond to the search notice on Clémentine’s disappearance, but he tries to dissuade her, explaining that the police would investigate their family. And to claim that he was flashed while driving his car while driving without a license. If that were to come to light, it would cause him serious problems.

Later, Martin and his team arrive at Sacha’s place to search his home. Warned by Georges, Commander Constant asks him for explanations concerning the transfer of 20,000 euros to his account from the online jackpot. When he replies that he needed this money to pay the costs of creating his site, Ben and Solenne are furious and overwhelm him with reproaches. At worst, the teenagers find their uncle and tell him what happened. As Solenne fears that she will never have an operation, Tristan tries to reassure her and promises that she will end up walking again.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Sandrine are worried about Clémentine and hope that the police will eventually find her. For his part, Olivier is still convinced that his ex-wife is taking it easy abroad with her lover.

At the police station, Martin and Aurore are sure that Sacha is hiding something from them. When Sara indicates that Clémentine’s credit card was used in a supermarket in the city, Georges manages to identify a certain Kevin Ferniot, convicted several times for theft, on the city’s CCTV footage. After being taken into custody, Kevin reveals to the police that he discovered Clémentine’s bank card in the Bouzigues forest. Without waiting, Martin summons his teams to comb the area.


Although she has rehearsed all night, Maud is stressed and refuses to audition. Seeing the whole family encourage her not to give up, the teenager finally passes the tests and gets a place in the band. The room in which she was to rehearse with her group having suffered water damage, Maud then invites her new comrades to go to the Delcourts. While everyone rejoices when the music stops, Chloe quickly loses her smile when her stepdaughter specifies that they will come to her house to rehearse two to three times a week. Xavier, who understands that his partner does not want to pass for a stepmother, invites her despite everything to impose her rules.


Victoire meets Karim at the Spoon and asks for his help to convince Georges to take charge of the scientific center of Sète. Having a plan to change his mind, Karim makes him believe that he has been offered the job and that he has accepted it. When Georges points out to him that he barely knows how to use a computer, Karim retorts that he does not care before thanking him for having declined the offer because otherwise he would never have had this opportunity.

Subsequently, Georges tries to make Martin understand that his colleague does not have the profile to lead a scientific pole. When Commander Constant claims to call his superiors to communicate the name of the person retained, Georges finally announces that he accepts the post.

Later, Karim has fun making George believe that he stuck a knife in his back. While Georges stands up to him, Karim signals that he is hyper directive and that he has the necessary authority to lead a team. Georges understood as he was making him walk from the start. Happy, the policeman comes home with a bottle of champagne in his hand and reports the good news to Victoire and Mona. If his partner hugs him enthusiastically, Mona thinks on the contrary that her son is making a huge mistake.

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