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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sacha makes a mistake, Jules and Charlie get back together. For her part, Sofia has a terrible grudge against her fathers.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday May 5 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Among the Girards, Sacha salutes the courage of Solenne who has learned to live with her handicap without the help of anyone. Touched, the teenager thanks him warmly. While she is about to join Mathilde, Sacha receives a message from Océane and makes a mistake by calling her daughter Océane. However, Solenne does not pay attention to it unlike Clémentine. When she points out the mistake he made, Sacha claims that it is his banker and that his loan has just been granted.

He then goes to the Spoon and settles Roxane for his work for the website. Arriving in turn at the bar, Clémentine questions her companion about the exchange that has just been made. Sacha then makes him believe that he made an advance to the waitress to make changes on his site. Trapped, the young woman confirms her uncomfortable words. Shortly after, their discussion is interrupted by Sacha’s phone which keeps ringing. As he does not answer, Clémentine tries to seize the device to see who it is. Furious, the sports coach prevents her then makes a scandal by screaming that he is fed up with her controlling his life in this way.

When leaving the Spoon, Sacha contacts Juliette who informs her that her savings have disappeared. Convinced that their children are responsible, she begs her partner to come home to talk to them. Even if he says he has to go to Lyon to reactivate his network, Sacha goes to his second family and questions his children about the disappearance of their mother’s money. Since they swear that they did nothing, Sacha believes them and changes the subject of the discussion by explaining that he has a good chance of getting the job at Villeurbanne. Insofar as Juliette already takes it into her head to follow him, Sacha specifies that it is useless to bother with a move for a still uncertain job then invites her to go for a drink to spend the evening alone. .

Not far from there, Clémentine is in tears and reports to Flore the altercation she had with her companion. For the director of the hospital, she should leave him as soon as possible because she does not deserve to be treated in this way. While taking her car at nightfall, Flore sees Sacha in the company of Juliette and decides to take a picture of them.


Still saddened by his break-up with Charlie, Jules is in low spirits. Realizing that he misses her a lot, Martin encourages her to read the letter she wrote because it might help her turn the page or forgive her. Unfortunately, Virginie emptied the trash and the garbage collectors have already passed by.

Meanwhile, Charlie worries that he hasn’t received a response to his letter and waits until class is over to have a discussion with Jules. The young woman then confesses that she never had feelings for Gabriel and that she slept with him simply to overcome the blockage she had with him. And to add that she wanted to be up to it for their first time. If she admits having made a terrible mistake, she also declares that she loves only him. Jules, who is also very much in love with her, kisses her passionately.

Now reconciled, Jules and Charlie show their love in broad daylight. Sincerely happy to see them reunited again, Gabriel comes to meet them and would like to make peace with Jules, hoping that they can become friends again one day. Although it might take a while longer, Jules doesn’t want to worry anymore and wants to move on as well.


In the morning, Sofia resents her father for intervening in her affair with Hadrian and for having forbidden him to approach him. Even if he denies having done this to protect her, the women of the house reproach him and consider that his behavior is indefensible.

Afterwards, William goes to the hospital and reports to Samuel that Sofia is aware of the discussion they had with Hadrian. Although he warns him that their daughter is very upset against him, Samuel does not regret having been a responsible father by doing what was necessary to keep him away from his stepson.

At the same time, Alma noticed that Sofia was extinct during her English class and tries to understand what is wrong. The teenager then reveals to him what William and Samuel did. In order to clarify this story, Alma returns home and confronts her companion. According to Samuel, he did this for fear of seeing his daughter suffer, but Alma believes that he does not find her son well enough for Sofia. As the tone begins to rise, Hadrian intervenes and then assures us that with Sofia, they are simply friends and that it will stay that way.

In the evening, Hadrien is with Sofia at the Spoon. The situation being complicated for him, he would like to take some time to calm things down. While Sofia launches that he made fun of her from the start, the young man retorts that she really pleases him but that he has no desire to escalate the situation. Unfortunately, Sofia judges her cowardly attitude and goes home furious.

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