Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 913 of Tuesday, April 27, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sacha asks Alex for help, Jules leaves the roommate. Aurore is continuing her investigation.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday April 27 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At the hospital, Clémentine shares her doubts with Flore. Certain that Sacha has an affair with Lisa Berthelot, the client who broke her wrist during a workout, Clémentine and Flore are researching her. If everything corresponds to Sacha’s words, Clémentine however notices that Lisa does not wear any harness on the photos she posted on social networks. As the young woman jogs on Quilles beach every day, Clémentine decides to go there. Meanwhile, Solenne shows her father the photos of the apartment she found in Boston. Sacha then promises to take care of the reservations during the day and is delighted to see his daughter in such a hurry to be operated.

Shortly after, Clémentine contacts Sacha and summons him to join her at the beach where she accuses him of having an affair with her client. However, Sacha continues to deny. In order to get to the bottom of it, the sports teacher confronts Lisa directly. The latter then shows her the harness that she takes off to run and assures her that she is very happy with her husband with whom she has just had a baby. Uncomfortable, Clémentine apologizes to him and then finds Flore at the Spoon. While Clémentine is now convinced to have made a mistake all along the line, Flore still has doubts which does not please the coach who points out to her that her love life is not a model of stability.

Not far from there, Alex agrees to lend 1500 euros to Sacha who is struggling to make ends meet. When the oyster farmer talks about it to his partner later in the day, she can’t help but think that something is wrong with Sacha. At nightfall, Sacha has an appointment with Vinciane to whom he owes 20,000 euros. Insofar as he can only reimburse her for 1,500 euros in two days, Vinciane leaves her until the next day to do so, otherwise she will reveal her secret to his wife and children.


Angry with Charlie, Jules prepares his suitcase to leave the villa. While the young woman explains the reasons which pushed her to sleep with Gabriel, Jules, who is furious, insults all the names. Even though she sincerely asks him for forgiveness, Jules refuses to pass the sponge and leaves the roommate.

Later, Gabriel comes to check on the teenager. He blames himself terribly for having confided in Souleymane but Charlie doesn’t hold it against him, stressing that everything that happens is his fault. On the contrary, it is even she who blames herself for bothering him with her problems. For his part, Gabriel believes that he is the right person to speak because he knows about heartache.

In the meantime, Jules goes to the police station and confides in Martin about his breakup with Charlie. Very moved, the teenager admits that he had never been so in love with a girl. To change his mind, the policeman invites him to eat a burger on the beach.


At the station, Aurore informs Martin that David Doumergue has been hospitalized at Saint-Clair hospital and specifies that she wishes to use him as bait to get hold of Aurélie. At the same time, Roxane is worried about her brother and decides to go directly to the hospital to find out about him. Only, she does not know that Aurore is already there and that she summons Marianne to keep David a few more days to carry out her mission.

For his part, Karim warns Sara that Aurore is in the hospital. Panicked, she then contacts her partner. Understanding that the two young women lied to him, Captain Saeed orders his colleague to tell him the truth now to avoid this kind of situation in the future. Back at the police station, Aurore has found the trace of the taxi which transported David to the hospital and learns that he was accompanied by a woman. Thanks to the CCTV footage she recovered, Captain Jacob hopes to finally be able to put a face to Aurélie Doumergue’s name. Unfortunately for her, the young woman only appears from behind.

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