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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Clémentine confronts Sacha, Xavier has doubts about his installation with Chloe. Jules discovers the truth.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday April 26 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Among the Girards, Clémentine is particularly cold towards Sacha. When the latter insists on knowing what is wrong, the sports teacher ends up telling him about the message she saw on her phone. After having sworn not to have a mistress, Sacha claims that the message came from Roxane who thanked him for having paid for part of the creation of the website. Clementine, who seems to believe it, however reproaches him for being distant with her lately. Realizing this, he begs her not to doubt him before hugging her to comfort her.

The sports coach then goes to the Spoon and deletes the messages on his phone. As he encounters major financial difficulties, Sacha asks his brother to help him out, but unfortunately Tristan can no longer help him. Worried, Tristan confides in Roxane who says he is certain that Sacha will end up going up the slope because he is a resourceful man.

For her part, Clémentine gives herself up to Flore. Despite the discussion she had with her Sacha, she is still in doubt. Flore then encourages him to continue investigating by rummaging through his companion’s belongings. And on returning home, Clémentine discovers a red hair on Sacha’s sweater.


Xavier having obtained the green light to leave the hospital, Chloe would like their installation to be done as quickly as possible. Although he agrees, the prosecutor nevertheless prefers to talk about it first with his daughters.

During lunch, Xavier tells Maud and Camille about his project. While the teenage girls are carried away, their father finds all the excuses to change their mind. As nothing helps, he finally asks his daughters to say no to Chloe’s proposal, which they agree to do. However, when they arrive at Chloe’s, they retract and announce that they agree to move in with her, much to Xavier’s dismay.

In the evening, Chloe, who has noticed the lack of enthusiasm of her companion, tries to understand what is happening. While he fears that their installation parasitizes their relationship, Chloe is sure of the opposite and adds that she wants to move forward with him. Even if he will be the only man in the house, Xavier agrees to take the plunge and then kisses the one who makes his heart beat.


At the roommate, Charlie has his head elsewhere and prefers to work alone. Insofar as Judith is convinced that her comrade has taken the test and that he is positive, Gabriel prefers to go for the air. Without waiting, Souleymane joined him to try to reassure him. But nothing helps, Gabriel fears that the situation will escalate if Charlie becomes pregnant.

Meanwhile, Jules and Charlie are studying in the privacy of their room. While the teenager has another idea in mind, the young woman pushes him away, explaining that she has no desire to make love with their friends nearby. At nightfall, Gabriel finds Charlie in the living room and announces that he knows about the pregnancy test. The latter retorts when she is not pregnant and he has no reason to worry about becoming a father soon.

Jules, who overheard their conversation, gets angry and overwhelms Charlie with reproaches. The Corkas son then attacks Gabriel, but the latter does not give way. Under Charlie’s helpless gaze, they come to grips with violence before being separated by Arthur and Souleymane.

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