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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Xavier is in critical condition, Sacha hides things from Clémentine. Hadrien landed in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday April 22 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


At the Delcourts, Chloe, Camille and Maud are relieved that Hélène has surrendered to the police and that this whole story is now behind them. While the atmosphere is in a good mood, Xavier is not on his plate and begins to suffer from hot flashes. At the police station, Aurore finds it strange that Hélène Beaulieu surrendered so easily, but Martin is convinced that she has simply given up her revenge.

For his part, Xavier questions Hélène. While she admits having tried to kill him, the prosecutor, who is on the verge of unease, decides to put an end to the interrogation. A few hours later, Captain Jacob informed Hélène that she would be remanded in custody for the duration of her trial. With a smirk, she then questions Aurore about the state of health of the prosecutor before being transferred to prison.

Later, the Meffre family dines with Chloé. More and more badly, Xavier leaves the table then collapses violently on the ground before being transported urgently to the hospital where Marianne takes care of him. Although she thinks of a hypoglycemic coma, Dr. Delcourt finds that her blood sugar level continues to decline despite treatment. For Aurore, Hélène poisoned the prosecutor and she enjoins Marianne to favor this track. Since there is a good chance that she is right, the doctor must quickly find the poison used otherwise she will not be able to save Xavier.


Solenne is particularly cold towards her father. While Sacha apologizes to him, Ben and Clémentine remind him how important it was for the young woman to be present for this special day. After acknowledging his faults, the sports coach leaves, indicating that he has an appointment with Roxane to work on his website.

Subsequently, Solenne confides to Mathilde that she joined a Facebook group to organize her trip to Boston and that she met a certain GF16 with whom she talks a lot. Meanwhile, Roxane has still not been paid by Sacha for the site she created for him. By crossing Clémentine at the Spoon, the young woman evokes the subject of her remuneration before revealing that she has never had an appointment with her companion in the morning.

Suspicious, Clémentine joins Sacha and confronts him with his lies. With his back to the wall, the latter claims to have had an appointment with his client’s lawyer who was injured and now wants money. But in the evening, Flore and Alex see Sacha getting into his car with a bouquet of red roses. If Flore is convinced that it is intended for Clémentine, Alex believes that the sports coach has a mistress.


Since the Daunier family took possession of their apartment, Samuel has returned to calm. While the doctor is delighted at the idea of ​​being able to spend time with Alma, she receives a call from her son Hadrien who cut short his trip because of the pandemic and who has just put his bags in Sète for the most. great happiness of his mother.

Shortly after, Samuel and Alma find the young man at the Spoon. By getting to know Samuel, Hadrien explains that he abandoned his engineering studies to travel around the world and then tells them about all the adventures he has experienced during his travels. When his mother asks him what he plans to do, Hadrien replies that he would like to settle in Sète for a while. As he no longer has a penny in his pocket, Samuel, who already seems to appreciate it, offers to accommodate him while he waits for him to find a studio.

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