In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police find Marc’s body, Sofia saves a young man from drowning. Jules wonders about Charlie and Gabriel.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday April 5 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


On the beach, the police found the lifeless body of Marc Véry but not that of Lucie. Convinced that his former teammate did not survive, Martin orders the search for his body to continue. At the station, Karim confirms to Georges that there is not the slightest chance that Lucie has made it. Even if he is very saddened by this news, the police officer believes however that it is better thus because Lucie would have spent her life behind bars.

For his part, Sacha congratulates his son for the courage he showed during his kidnapping. As the teenager seems affected by the death of his captors, Sacha encourages him to consult a psychologist to talk about this trauma but Ben opposes it. Meanwhile, Victoire doesn’t realize that her friend is dead. Her companion may try to prove to her that it is impossible for her to be alive, Victoire refuses to believe it until she sees the evidence. In tears, she blames herself for not having seen how badly Lucie was doing.

In the evening, Martin and Karim go to the morgue to collect the autopsy report. Lifting the sheet covering Véry’s body, they discover a ring on her finger which was not present when the police took it out of the water.


During a stroll along the canal with her sister, Sofia confides that her relationship with Arthur is not the same as before. Although she still loves him as much, she nevertheless finds that their relationship lacks a bit of fun. After seeing a young man about to jump off a bridge, the Daunier sisters rush to meet him and try to reason with him. But nothing helps, he jumps anyway. Without hesitation, Sofia jumps into the water and manages to save him from drowning.

Among the crowd who filmed this heroic act, a woman tells her husband that they got away with it. The two teenagers are later taken to hospital. The young man, whose name is Quentin, does not want to answer questions from Sofia who would like to understand his act. Faced with her silence, the Daunier girl explains that she too had lived through a complicated period the previous year and promises that over time things will get better. However, Quentin does not believe it, saying that for him it is different. Before returning home, Sofia fears that the latter will recur, but William guarantees that the doctors will not let him out if his psychological state does not allow it.

Christelle goes to Quentin’s room to determine how to help her. Aged 19, he has no money or paper and says he has broken with his family. Since he has nowhere to go, the assistant would like to find him a home, but Quentin thinks it is useless. In the meantime, the couple who filmed their suicide attempt have a drink at the Spoon. While the man thinks Quentin was very lucky, the woman smiles as she points out that it was they who made him do this.


At the Moreno’s, Charlie and Gabriel are working on their presentation. When the young man asks her if she thinks back to their first time, she asks him to stop talking about it by reminding that it was a mistake. Gabriel then decides to go home.

During the day at the Spoon, Jules gives Charlie a fit of jealousy for working with his rival at home. The young woman affirms once again that he is the only one she loves but Jules tells her about his discussion with Gabriel before questioning her about what she is hiding from him. Annoyed, Charlie swears he’s not going through anything with Gabriel. Subsequently, she goes to Gabriel’s to finish their presentation but Morgane’s son, who excludes spending time with her, urges her to return home.

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