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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Morgana confesses the murder of Franck, Isam has a violent attack of tachycardia. Danielli is back in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday January 28 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


To protect Sandrine, Victoire begs Georges to keep silent about the DNA analyzes. Although he risks his place, he accepts on condition that his sister-in-law denounces herself. Victoire then adds that she will never forgive him if he balks his mother. Meanwhile, Jeanne goes to the police station and says she saw Sandrine throw a weapon in the Thau pond accompanied by another woman on Friday evening. With this new element, the technical police searched the water point and ended up finding the murder weapon. For their part, Morgane, Sandrine and Gabriel pour Franck’s ashes into the sea. While Gabriel and his mother blame themselves for being so sad for someone bad, Sandrine encourages them to keep good memories of him. . Not far from there, Jeanne warns Chloe that she denounced Sandrine to the police. When her friend arrives unexpectedly, the Delcourt girl explains that the police are about to arrest her. Panicked, Sandrine returns home and informs Morgane that a witness saw them throw the weapon. After Aurore rings the doorbell, Sandrine kisses her companion one last time and decides to follow the police. Seeing the woman she loves ready to endorse a crime she did not commit, Morgane intervenes and confesses to the murder of her brother.


At breakfast, Isam indulges in a few confidences. As Anna has to spend the day with her sister, Karim shows the teenager around the city. While strolling in the port, the latter is seized with a violent attack of tachycardia and is transported to the hospital. Although he is out of danger, Marianne indicates that she has had to adjust her treatment and asks him to take it easy. Later, Marianne reports to Anna that Isam is unlikely to be operated on in France because social security has no agreement with Tunisia. However, Renaud knows an association that could help them and offers to contact her.


In high school, Gabriel blames himself for trusting Charlie while she was manipulating him. Souleymane may tell him to move on, Gabriel can’t do it because he still likes the young woman. When Charlie comes to speak to him, Souleymane intervenes and asks him to leave them alone. Refusing to stop there, the young woman returns to the charge and says she is very worried for him. Angry, Gabriel reproaches him many times. While the young woman would like them to remain friends despite everything, Gabriel is against it. Charlie, who is upset, tells Jules what happened. As her boyfriend is jealous, Charlie swears that she only loves him and says she wants to have sex with him. Even though Jules retorts that it won’t change anything between them if they don’t have sex, Charlie feels ready. Subsequently, the couple stroll through the streets of Sète without knowing that Danielli, the former accomplice of Jules’s father, is observing them from a distance. At the end of the day, the man goes to the Spoon and overhears a discussion between Ulysses and Roxane who are preparing the fancy dress party for the following week. Hearing that Virginie and Martin will be present, Danielli questions them to find out if this evening is private. Ulysses then responds that all Spoon customers are welcome provided they are in disguise.

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