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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Sandrine is suspected of murder, Alma is at the end of her limits. For his part, Charlie can not leave Gabriel.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday January 20 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Police say Franck died of a gunshot wound to his back. Anne-Marie, who was sleeping at the time of the events, tells Martin and Aurore that her companion had put an end to their story and that he intended to leave the city. Martin then takes a sample from Anne-Marie’s hands to check for the possible presence of traces of powder residue. For its part, the Guého family is in mourning. As Gabriel reproaches Sandrine for having made life difficult for her uncle, Morgane explains that Franck was not who he claimed to be and that he had a dark part which undoubtedly cost him his life. Not far from there, Anne-Marie is exonerated and Commander Constant finds a bottle of a very powerful neuroleptic. Worried about Sandrine’s mother, the latter takes her to the hospital, immediately suspecting Franck of having drugged her. To be sure, Victoire takes a blood test which confirms the police officer’s theory. When Doctor Lazzari announces to his grandmother that Franck was drugging her to control her, Anne-Marie, who is devastated, launches that her most beautiful love story was in reality a lie. Meanwhile, Martin and his team take stock of the investigation and suspect Sandrine of having killed Franck. Shortly after, Aurore joined the principal at the school and asked her about her schedule the day before. Outraged, Arthur’s mother replies that she worked late. Afterwards, Anna receives a visit from Sandrine and encourages her to tell her the truth about Franck’s death. Sandrine then recognizes that she is relieved that he is dead but swears however that she is innocent. As she leaves, Anna notices a red stain on her friend’s coat. After claiming that it was a felt stain, Sandrine rushes to the sink to clean it.


Samuel is still disturbed by Iris. When Alma indicates that she has spotted a few hotels for their getaway in Corsica, Samuel is elsewhere but nevertheless agrees to book the plane tickets during the day. Doctor Daunier auscultates Iris who recalls his various encounters with Samuel. To reassure her, William certifies that she has no reason to be afraid of him and promises to speak to him. Later, William advises his friend to keep his distance from Iris. Annoyed, Samuel returns home and warns Alma that he forgot to take the plane tickets. While she tries to understand what is happening, the doctor ends up confessing that Iris and Leïla share the same heart. At the end of her line, the English teacher declares that competing with a ghost is not her idea of ​​the couple.


Jules and Charlie arrive at school together. When the young woman specifies that she has not yet had the courage to leave Gabriel, Jules, who cannot stand this situation any longer, urges his girlfriend to do so without delay. During the day, Charlie joins Gabriel with the firm intention of telling him everything. The son Guého informs him that his uncle has been murdered and Charlie, visibly touched, takes him in his arms. Not knowing what to do, the girl Molina confides in her brother. According to him, she must be frank with Gabriel but Charlie refuses to hurt her. Shortly after, she asks Jules to give her some time to sort out the situation. But at the end of the lessons, she gives her support to Gabriel before snuggling into his arms. A gesture that does not escape Jules who observes them from afar.

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