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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While a terrible tragedy befalls the Guého-Lazzari clan, Judith asks for Mona’s help. For her part, Louise kisses Bart.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday January 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Sandrine goes to the police station and reports to Aurore and Martin that Eugenie de Cotrières, Franck’s former partner, committed suicide just like Martine Girardin. Although Noé de Cotrières has been missing for almost three weeks, the police unfortunately cannot do anything without physical evidence. In the meantime, Morgane asks Anne-Marie about her brother’s schedule on the evening of Sandrine’s accident. Only, the sixty-year-old does not remember anything. Shortly after, Arthur arrives at the Guého and insists on seeing his grandmother. Insofar as Franck prevents him from returning vehemently, the teenager accuses him of having assaulted him and of wanting to steal Anne-Marie’s money. Furious, the financial adviser strangles him and threatens to break his skull before releasing him.

Not far from there, Morgane confides in Sandrine that she has more and more doubts vis-à-vis her brother. When his partner explains to him that Franck’s ex-wife also committed suicide, Morgane joins her brother at the Spoon and asks him about his sentimental past. But Franck gets carried away by reminding her that he has always supported her during her transition before specifying that this is not the right way to thank him. Morgane then seeks to know if he was at the wheel of the car which hit Sandrine but Franck refuses to answer then says that they have nothing more to say to each other. He then returns to the villa and prepares his things. While Anne-Marie asks him what’s going on, he announces that he is leaving Sète for good and puts an end to their story, leaving Anne-Marie devastated. In high school, Arthur tells his mother and Morgane the details of his altercation with Franck. At nightfall, Aurore informs her teams that a gunshot was heard in the Guého villa. Convinced that some misfortune has happened to Anne-Marie, the police immediately rush to the scene and discover Franck’s lifeless body.


In the morning, Judith tries to calm her crying little sister, to no avail. When Mona arrives to take over, Celeste immediately calms down in her arms. As Judith worries about her brother who was burned in an explosion at the Institute, Mona tries to cheer her up. Souleymane comes to pick up Judith to go to class. When Mona hangs her back, the teens decide to skip class to take care of her and take care of Celeste. As Mona gives them instructions throughout the day, Judith begs her boyfriend to make an effort as she hopes the nanny can convince Chloe to come live with them. Subsequently, Judith enlists Mona’s help to change her mother’s mind about Souleymane’s installation. After Chloe comes home, Mona is full of praise for son Myriel. Nonetheless, far from being fooled, Chloe reminds her daughter that her answer is still no.


At breakfast, Mathilde exchanges many messages with Ben with a smile on his face, forgetting that she is not alone at the table. A behavior that does not please Louise who once again accuses her daughter of having skipped school. In parallel, Clémentine teases Ben for having skipped school in order to spend time with Mathilde but warns him however that she does not want it to happen again. At the end of the lessons, Ben and Mathilde walk through the streets of Sète. Despite the reproaches of their families, the teenagers do not regret anything and exchange a kiss. For her part, Louise learns that work on the apartment has been delayed and that her move in has been postponed until the end of February. An announcement that weighs down the morale of the young woman who has the impression of chaining the galleys. While Bart supports him, Louise kisses him.

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