Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 787 of Monday, November 2, 2020 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Georges’ time is running out, Samuel vent his anger. On the other hand, Timothy wants to register for a math competition.

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 787
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday November 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us.


After digging all weekend, Alex finds his daughter, whom he proudly hugs. Relieved to see that help is coming, Victoire wakes up Georges and tells him that they will finally be able to get out of there. With the help of the firefighters, Judith is the first to leave the cave and falls into her mother’s arms. While she is worried about Georges’ state of health, Martin promises that he will be out by the end of the day as soon as they have obtained a pod to evacuate him. Once Judith is taken care of by the doctors, Chloe thanks her husband for saving their daughter’s life. While Alex tries to take his hand, Delcourt’s daughter pushes him away then hands him her cell phone, indicating that he has received several messages from Flore. The oyster farmer may well assure that they are no longer together, Chloe has difficulty believing it. At the same time, Ben and Sacha are doing much better and are allowed to return home. After Doctor Daunier informed them that Clémentine would be kept under observation for 24 hours, Ben asks his father if they are now a couple. In order to be honest with his son, the sports coach replies that he intends to continue seeing her because he feels good with her. Even though it does something to him to see him with a woman other than his mother, Ben nevertheless swears to keep his promise. Sacha then joins Clémentine in her room. As they have supported each other during this difficult ordeal, he declares that they are able to face anything before kissing him. Solène, who saw them through the door, arrives at the cafeteria and reports to Ben the scene she witnessed. The latter says he is saddened at the idea that the memory of their mother disappears but Solène certifies that this will never happen. In the meantime, Flore goes to the farmhouse to check on Alex. When the latter reveals that he did not have the strength to tell Chloe that they were still seeing each other, Flore refuses to hide their relationship any longer and asks her lover to speak to his family as soon as possible. Alex, who fears his daughter’s reaction, guarantees to tell Chloe everything soon. Not far from there, the emergency services manage to get Georges and Victoire out of the cave. Noting that the policeman has more than forty degrees of fever and a possible beginning of sepsis, Renaud is afraid that it is too late to save him.


Alma, who has not heard from Samuel in days, runs home and notices that he has spent the weekend drinking. To help him out, the English teacher makes him understand that there are several ways to fight against the urge to sink. Having nothing more to lose, the doctor follows her to the beach where she plans to vent her anger using a special method. Indeed, Alma summons Samuel to put his emotions in a stone and then throw it with all his might on tin cans. Although he considers the concept stupid, Samuel gets caught up in the game and finally pours out all his rage thinking of Leila. After having let off steam, Samuel is emptied. When Alma confides that it is hope that helped her cope with her cancer, Samuel says he is impressed by her philosophy of life and kisses her passionately before thanking her for being there for him. Back home, Samuel brews herbal tea for Alma and tries to kiss her again. Only, Alma does not intend to be the surrogate girlfriend and prefers to preserve their history while he is in mourning. Samuel then promises not to mix everything up and invites him to spend the evening with him. The young woman accepts but nevertheless recalls that nothing will happen between them.


Insofar as Timothée excels in mathematics, Olivier would like to register him for the general competition for high school students in the science section. Although she is not sure of getting her father’s consent because of her autism, Sandrine decides to call Victor. Later, Olivier retains Timothée at the end of the lessons and encourages him to take part in the competition. The adolescent sees this as an opportunity to give visibility to his ecological discourse and therefore agrees to participate. Shortly after, Victor, who was warned by Sandrine, firmly excludes that his son is in the ordeal. As a counter-attack, the Brunet son launches a direct on his social networks and explains to his subscribers that his father is preventing him from joining a competition that would allow his environmental message to be more widely disseminated. While father and son argue, Victor gives in.