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Demain nous appartient : ce qui vous attend dans l'épisode 722 du lundi 3 août 2020 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Laura’s state of health is critical, Manon and Timothée fight against a decision of their principal. For their part, Amanda and Ulysses kiss.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 3 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Laura’s condition worsened over the weekend. Danielle being convinced that their daughter risks dying, Thierry offers to take her to the hospital at the end of the week if the situation does not improve. For her part, Laura is at its worst. As she thinks she is living her last hours, the young woman contacts Luke to declare her love to him. As the teenager swears to come get her, Laura’s phone goes off. After he informs Christelle of the situation, the latter goes to the farm accompanied by Captain Saeed and a medical team. Although Thierry initially refuses to let them enter his property, he finally agrees to lead them to his daughter’s bedside. While Laura is rushed to the hospital, Karim takes Thierry to the station to ask him a few questions. Even though he tries to defend his beliefs, Karim warns him that he will go to jail if Laura dies and adds that no judge will accept the collapse of the company as a mitigating circumstance. At the same time, Doctor Daunier takes charge of Laura. Unfortunately, the results of his exams are bad. With both kidneys affected, William only has three days to find a matched donor and save his patient.


In high school, Antoine and Sandrine bring their students together to discuss their future school trip to Cardiff. When Manon and Timothée understand that they will have to take a plane to get there, they instead suggest going by boat for ecological reasons. Only, Sandrine does not intend to give in, especially since she has already taken the tickets for everyone. Eager to respect the convictions of his students, Antoine offers his colleague to help him find another means of transport, but Sandrine sticks to her positions. At the same time, Manon and Timothée make their classmates aware of their carbon footprint if they were to travel by plane. While opinions differ on the best means of transport to use, Manon decides to create a Facebook group so that everyone can vote. If they obtain the majority, the teenager hopes to succeed in changing their principal’s mind.


Amanda does not answer Ulysses’ calls and Maxime therefore tries to find out what could have happened between them. As the waiter has fallen in love with her, the nurse then explains that she does not yet know how she feels for him. But for Maxime, Ulysses expects nothing in return and he insists that she stop ignoring him, otherwise she would risk missing out on a great story. At the same time, Ulysses reports his sentimental setbacks to Roxane. Aware that it is still complicated for Amanda to start a new relationship after everything that has happened to her, Roxane advises her to wait until she comes back to him. However, Ulysses, who is worried about the young woman, goes to her apartment to declare love before promising to wait for her. As he prepares to leave, Amanda invites him in, then reveals that she is preventing herself from becoming attached to him for fear that he will leave her one day. After Ulysses has delivered himself in turn, they kiss for the first time.

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