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In the next episode of “Tomorrow is Ours” … While Morgana manages to defend herself, Samuel’s condition worries Sofia. In parallel, Timothée launches an action within the school.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

Tuesday, June 30 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


While her assailant tries to rape her, Morgana defends herself by hitting him several times before Sandrine scares him away when she returns to the apartment. The next morning, Morgane goes to the police station and tells the details of her attack. Since his account matches the testimony of the other two victims, there is no longer any doubt for Martin that they are dealing with the same individual. After giving her testimony, Morgana leaves the post and assures her worried son that she has been able to defend herself and therefore has not been raped. Gabriel, who does not support the idea that someone could have touched his mother, exclaims that he would have killed this man if he had hurt him. Very upset by what happened, the young man fears that the police will do nothing for her because she is a transgender woman. Even if Arthur explains that she is a victim like the others, Gabriel recalls that transphobic acts never make the front page of the media when they happen constantly. Meanwhile, a PTS team searches for clues in the couple’s apartment and finds a package of medicine they decide to have analyzed. A few hours later, the results of the laboratory indicate that it is Viagra. With the rapist obviously in need of a chemical stimulant, the police wonder if he is motivated by a complicated relationship with his manhood. In order to better understand his profile, Martin wishes to contact a psychologist. For her part, Morgana walks through the doors of the hospital to seek treatment for her wound. Supported by Marianne and Amanda, she reveals what happened to her and the three women talk about their trauma. At the end of the day, Gabriel waits for his mother and Sandrine at the exit of the hospital and gives them tear gas canisters in case the aggressor still attacks them. According to Morgana, he will not return but Sandrine believes that it is possible that he wants to finish what he started. After they go to the high school together to sign a few documents, Gabriel discovers on the corridor wall the inscription “Morgane Gueho = J.C Van Damme” and vows to punish the official.


Worried about Samuel, Sofia tries to understand why he puts himself in such states. For William, his former friend does not know how to manage his emotions and the only solution is to distance himself for a while but the teenager does not intend to leave him. Upon arriving at the hospital, Doctor Daunier tells Samuel that he is screwing everything up and that their daughter has trouble seeing him like that. The latter takes these words to laugh and promises to buy him a plush to console him. Later, Sofia goes to the Spoon and discovers Samuel completely drunk. While the young woman offers to take him home, he gets carried away and tells her daughter that he has nothing to offer her. Exasperated, Sofia replies that she expects nothing from him but that she would like to be able to help him because he is her father. Only, Samuel replies that he is not and insists that she leave. Screaming that she should never have come, Sofia leaves. Upon returning, the young woman confides to her parents that Samuel was not very nice to her before locking herself in her room. Given the complexity of the situation and Sofia’s attachment to her biological father, Aurore explains to her husband that Samuel’s problems are now their own.


Timothée’s film has received many comments on the net encouraging him to continue his actions and Victor is delighted for his son while inviting him to move on now that the contest is over. Unfortunately, the teenager does not listen to him. During SVT, while high school students are discussing natural disasters linked to global warming, Timothée would like to take action to show that the students are concerned. Not wanting to waste another minute, the teenagers gathered in the yard with signs, pretending to be dead. Chloé does not know what to do in front of this situation and Antoine indicates that there is no reason to intervene because their fight is fair. At the end of the day, the assistant principal tries to get his students moving so that they can close the doors of the school. As the students refuse to leave, Antoine tries to dislodge Timothée which causes a crisis at home. Upon his arrival, Victor picks up his son and informs him that they will make efforts to invest in this cause that is close to his heart. But for Timothy, it is not enough and he gets carried away by explaining that he really wants to change things for the planet.

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