Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1617 of Wednesday February 7, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1617

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1617

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Ready for anything, Gilles takes on the role of bait. At the Spoon, Camille causes a sensation. Violette meets a new member of her family.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Wednesday February 7 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

The police find Cécile

The day before, Gilles physically attacked Sylvain who refused to lend him money for the ransom. Christelle managed to separate them, but Sylvain suffers from after-effects. The couple tells Alex about the incident, but he didn't notice anything special when Gilles returned home and went straight to his room. Everyone is surprised by his behavior. Christelle intends to file a complaint.

For his part, Gilles goes to the police station on his own. He explains to Nordine that he is losing his temper, then shows him the new photo of Cécile that he received when he left the hospital. He fears he doesn't have much time left to save her. Nordine accompanies him to Martin's office. In the meantime, Aymeric Jonot, the owner of the blue minivan, was released from police custody because his alibi was confirmed.

The police suspect the kidnapper of stealing his car discreetly. Now, they decide to set up a mousetrap with the help of Gilles. Martin asks him to go to the meeting with the ransom money in order to arrest the kidnapper on the spot. Gilles agrees. In the meantime, he must go home and wait for instructions. As a security measure, Martin wants a team to monitor him 24 hours a day.

Before returning home, Gilles goes to see Sylvain to apologize to him. He informs her that he reported himself to the police and that he sincerely regrets what he did. Showing compassion for what he is going through, Sylvain forgives him. On the other hand, he knows that it will take a little more time for Christelle.

During the day, Timothée studies the Polaroids received by Gilles where we see Cécile gagged. He points out to Roxane that the victim seems more and more suffering, while the light in the photo is still the same. However, this is impossible with the very changeable weather. By zooming in on one of the Polaroids, Roxane notices that the background is not a window but a trompe-l'oeil. They manage to trace the Swiss artist specializing in these works, then the gallery owner who sold it to a client in the region. Once they have the customer's address, Roxane and Timothée warn Martin.

The latter immediately goes there with Karim. They search the house which seems empty. It was when they went down to the cellar that they found Cécile, gagged and tied to a chair. Weakened, she faints in Karim's arms, while Martin calls for help…

Diego tries to flirt with Camille

Before leaving for high school, Maud asks Camille if she can borrow one of her coats. She immediately understands that she wants to try to attract Diego's attention. She then advises her sister to wear a skirt.

At high school, Diego meets Maud and thanks her for the book she lent him because he really got hooked and can't stop reading. While Maud tries to talk about her, Diego systematically brings the conversation back to Camille.

At the Spoon, Camille serves Bruno a beer even though he had asked for a coffee. To be nice, Bruno accepts the beer, but Nathan is there to keep an eye on things and put things back in order. He warns Camille that her father is an alcoholic. She apologizes for her awkwardness.

A little later, Bruno comes to pay for his drink at the counter. He chats a little with Camille about their respective pasts in prison. Once Bruno has left, Camille passes by a table where Diego has just sat down to continue reading the book that Maud lent him. He asks the young girl to see if she is getting used to being a waitress. While Diego tries an approach technique, Camille constantly brings the conversation back to Maud.

Back home, Camille tells Maud that Diego loves her book. Maud believes that he only considers her as a friend, while Camille thinks on the contrary that he really likes her.

Damien is distant with Charles

At high school, Violette announces to Jack and Rayane that her brother Charles is back in Sète. After having dinner with him the day before, she admits that she finds him super cool. Lilou joins the conversation, trying to find out if he's single.

Meanwhile, Philippine walks with Charles in the vineyards of the wine estate. He reassures his mother about his hotel which shows almost no trace of the fires. Thanks to insurance money, he hired staff, which allowed him to stay longer in Sète and enjoy Violette – whom he continues to call Alice. Although he gets along very well with her, Charles points out that things are more difficult with Damien. Philippine comes to his defense, explaining that he always felt responsible for Violette's disappearance.

At the police station, Damien confides in Sara about his feelings about Charles. He admits that his return brings up a lot of things, notably his feeling of inferiority in relation to the complicity that exists between Philippine and Charles. Sara, however, points out to Damien that Charles' return will allow their family to make a new start and will above all help Violette to rebuild her life.

In the evening, Violette has dinner with Philippine and Charles. He shows her photos of his hotel in Corfu, assuring that she can stay there whenever she wants. Charles then asks his mother and sister to take a selfie. Violette sends the photo to Damien.

The latter stayed at home because he didn't want to have dinner with his brother two evenings in a row. Audrey notices that Violette sent her a photo and thinks that Damien should respond to her because she would certainly have liked him to be there too.

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