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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1616

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… The police return to where it all began. Philippine's love life is the talk of the town. Victoire turns the page.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Tuesday February 6 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Gilles loses his temper

The day before, Gilles was found unconscious by the police in the warehouse where he had a meeting with Cécile's kidnappers to pay the ransom. Taken to hospital, Gilles escaped with cracked ribs and some bruises. Marianne and Chloé are at his bedside. Having seen how dangerous the kidnapper was, Gilles fears even more for the life of his fiancée.

Shortly after, Karim comes to question him. Gilles tells him how the kidnappers made contact with him via Polaroid photos. He also tells her about his meeting with one of them in the hangar. When Gilles refused to leave without seeing Cécile, the kidnapper jumped on him and hit him. Gilles collapsed, then got up to run to the back of the building. The kidnapper caught him. Then there is the black hole.

Gilles describes the kidnapper as a man shorter than him, around fifty years old, with a distorted voice. Karim shows him the photo of Christian Auffray, Cécile's ex-husband. Gilles confirms having seen him when he was in Lille. Christian had warned him against Cécile's greed. Finally, Gilles adds that he saw an old blue minivan in the hangar.

Meanwhile, the PTS is taking readings in the warehouse. At the police station, Damien informs Karim and Roxane that a PMU ticket was found, which allowed him to go back to the tobacco shop and discover that a certain Aymeric Jonot bought it using his credit card. The latter owns a blue minivan from the 2000s. Roxane is responsible for finding his trace. Shortly after, Nordine and Sara arrest him.

Aymeric is then questioned by Karim and Sara. He proclaims his innocence by denying knowing Cécile and Gilles. He states that he was in a bar with friends drinking and making bets as his alibi. However, he is taken into custody because too much evidence is against him, starting with his vehicle. Sara suspects him of being at least an accomplice of the kidnappers who would have used part of the ransom for horse racing.

For his part, Gilles signs the hospital discharge authorization papers. The lady at reception gives him an envelope left for him in the morning. Opening it, Gilles discovers a new photo of Cécile. On the back it is written: “The €50,000 missing in 48 hours. Don’t say a word to the cops, otherwise she dies”.

In the evening, Gilles goes to Sylvain to ask him to help him out with the €50,000. In his eyes, this is the only chance to save Cécile. But Sylvain prefers to let the police do their thing, suggesting that Cécile may have staged her own kidnapping. Gilles then lets himself be carried away by anger. He searches for Sylvain's chest, destroying everything in his path, then physically attacks him by strangling him. Christelle intervenes and succeeds in separating them. While Sylvain collapses on the sofa to catch his breath, Gilles runs away…

Damien and Violette's brother arrives in Sète

At the entrance to the school, Jack confides to Rayane that he surprised Philippine in the company of a man much younger than her at the Spoon. He even took a photo. When Violette joins them, Rayane repeats to her what her boyfriend has just told her. The young girl is not shocked one bit. She also asks to see the photo that Jack took.

Violette, however, goes to the police station to talk about it with Damien. At the same time, Roxane joins them in the rest room and is interested in their conversation. Violette shows them the photo that Jack took. Damien immediately recognizes the man next to his mother: it is his brother, Charles.

Damien goes to his mother to talk to her about it. She claims that she intended to warn him of the return of Charles, who arrived in Sète the day before without warning. Charles then appears, happy to find his brother and expressing his eagerness to see his sister, whom he names Alice. Damien corrects him, rather cautiously, pointing out that they found their sister a few months ago and that Charles never sent a message. The latter justifies himself by explaining that he had problems in Greece where he almost lost his business with the fires. But he's here to make up for lost time.

Back home, Damien confides in Audrey. He can't stand that his brother acts as if nothing happened when they haven't seen each other for 15 years. This rekindles old resentments. Indeed, when Violette disappeared, Damien felt responsible, while Charles became the favorite child. Then the family exploded. Their father went looking for Violette all over the world. No one knows where he is or if he is still alive. Audrey reassures her husband by reminding him that today he has his own family who supports him.

In the evening, Philippine, Damien, Violette and Charles meet at Spoon for dinner. Charles – who continues to call Violette, Alice, before correcting himself – finds that she has not changed. When the bill is brought, Charles insists on paying.

Samuel says goodbye to Victoire

At the hospital, Soraya attends Adeline's rehabilitation sessions, awakened from her coma. Victoire comes to check on him. She takes the opportunity to apologize for everything that happened. Adeline says it's ancient history. She even exonerated Samuel in her statement to the police. Victoire thanks her. At the same time, she receives a message from Samuel who asks to see her.

Victoire finds Samuel who announces his departure that same evening for the Paris region where he finally intends to do his rehab treatment. He explains that he is moving away to protect her because he can no longer bear to hurt her. Victoire makes him promise to really take care of him. The two exes kiss, then say goodbye.

A little later, William accompanies Samuel to his car. The latter thanks him for his unfailing support. He then turns to take one last look at the villa.

In the evening, Victoire can count on Aaron and Lisa to cheer her up. In fact, they cooked him a great dinner and toasted with champagne.

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