In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Gilles lies, at his own risk. Lisa meets the man responsible for Victoire's misfortunes. Nordine does not give up his bad faith.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday February 5 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Gilles lies, at his own risk

Against the advice of the police and the advice of those close to him, Gilles gathered a certain amount of cash to pay the ransom in order to save Cécile. He hides all the money in a bag. When Alex suggests that they spend the day together, Gilles claims to need to rest, then wants to go to the police station alone to apologize for his behavior to the police officers. Alex then suggests to his friend that they meet at Spoon for lunch.

At the police station, Karim and Martin still have no feedback from Cécile's second husband, Christian Auffray. But Karim discovered that his cell phone was limited to Sète for the last time. Martin therefore suspects him of being Cécile's accomplice in this kidnapping story. However, Karim got Christian's sister on the phone and she said that he came to Sète to alert Gilles about Cécile.

During this time at the hospital, Chloé has the opportunity to chat and get to know the woman who is at the bedside of her comatose husband every day. Chloé learns that she is a physics and chemistry teacher at Brassens high school. She feels guilty because her last discussion with her husband was an argument.

The two women are interrupted by Marianne. She is worried about Gilles, of whom she has not heard. Chloe thinks he's just busy with Alex. Marianne hopes that Gilles will not react too badly when he learns that Cécile staged her own kidnapping.

At the Spoon, Alex and Bruno bring their hampers. Alex takes the opportunity to contact Gilles, in vain. He begins to worry and wonders if his friend is not tricking him into paying the ransom. Alex immediately goes to the police station to warn Karim. Roxane confirms that a withdrawal of €50,000 was made by Gilles from his savings account on Friday evening just before the bank closed. If his phone still goes to Chloé and Alex, the latter says that Gilles is not there. Karim assumes that he left his cell phone there to cover his tracks.

Indeed, Gilles goes to the meeting point alone. He communicates with the kidnapper via a specially designed telephone. He is ordered to leave the bag with the money and leave. But Gilles refuses to leave the place without having seen Cécile. He admits to having only collected half the ransom, but promises to pay the second half as soon as he sees his fiancée. The kidnapper cuts off communication with him.

Meanwhile, Karim goes to Alex and Chloé. He finds Gilles' cell phone, then searches to find instructions from the kidnappers. He comes across photos of Cécile gagged that Gilles has hidden in a book. On the back of one of them is written the conditions of the meeting: 5 p.m. in Cogidep, a warehouse located on the outskirts of the city. Karim rushes there with Martin.

They arrive there at nightfall and discover Gilles, on the ground, unconscious…

Aaron and Lisa are back in Sète

After their trip to Northern Europe, Aaron and Lisa are finally back in Sète where Amel and Victoire welcome them warmly.

Once installed, Lisa takes the time to chat with Victoire to find out everything that happened during her absence. Victoire essentially talks to him about her story with Samuel while ensuring that she has definitely turned the page.

A little later, Victoire and Lisa come across Samuel. While Victoire goes to put away the groceries, Lisa lingers with Samuel to find out if he is on the same wavelength as Victoire. Samuel confirms that he has no intention of getting back together with her, even after rehab.

In the evening, Samuel meets Renaud and William at the Spoon to tell them that he has canceled his rehab treatment in Montpellier because he has found another one in the Paris region. Even if he won't be able to count on his loved ones there, he considers it better to be far from Victoire. Renaud and William support him in his decision.

The clash between Nordine and Gabriel continues

At the police station, Nordine receives a complaint for a disturbance in Gabriel's building. Nordine is convinced that Gabriel has done it again. Manon, who reveals that it is one of her sister's exes, is very surprised because it doesn't look like her. Nordine tells him that he fined him because he had played classical music loudly at home and a neighbor had complained. He adds that Gabriel taunted him when he discovered him on the side of the road because of a flat tire.

But when he goes to Gabriel's house, Nordine is forced to notice that the noise is not coming from him. It's his neighbor who plays the music too loudly. Nordine plans to go and verbalize him. But Gabriel holds him back to force him to apologize and admit that he was wrong about him. Indeed, Gabriel repeats that he had turned the music too loud at home only to settle scores with his neighbor since the police did not respond to his complaints.

Nordine then meets Manon at Spoon for lunch. He admits that she was right and that he was very wrong about Gabriel. But when he inquires about the procedure for canceling a fine, he realizes that he must forward the file to the hierarchy. Nordine worries that it won't make a good impression right before his annual review.

Nordine therefore asks his father to cancel the fine for him. But Martin refuses to give him a pass only because he is his son. Instead, he suggests that Nordine settle things directly with Gabriel by reimbursing him out of his own pocket.

In the evening, Gabriel finds an envelope of €68 in cash in front of his house, without a note. Soraya thinks it is her neighbor. But Gabriel correctly guessed that the envelope came from Nordine. He finds it shameful how he decided to solve their problem instead of having the fine canceled.

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