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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1610

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Timothée discovers evidence incriminating a police officer. The return of a resident has the effect of a bomb. Exasperated, Raphaëlle gives Soraya and Gabriel an ultimatum.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday January 29 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Timothy finds the real culprit

At the police station, Damien reports to Georges the results of his analyzes on the burnt black sedan which was reported to the police last Friday. The model and impact marks correspond to the vehicle that knocked down Victoire. On the other hand, Damien found no DNA trace to identify the driver. The license plates were removed and the serial number was filed off. The person he is looking for is therefore not an amateur. Damien, however, has one last hope by setting about reconstructing the anti-theft markings on the Sedan using the debris from the windows that he recovered.

A little later, Damien informs Georges that it was a car stolen from a dealership three months ago to be used in a robbery two days later in Montpellier. Then, it was seized by the police, then stolen again from the Montpellier pound the day before the accident with Renaud. By consulting the file, Georges discovers that Florent, his colleague from Montpellier, wrote the minutes. He tries to contact him and leaves him a message in order to obtain additional information. Timothée, for his part, follows the progress of the operations with interest.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Victoire goes to Adeline's bedside, still in a coma. Victoire begs her friend to hang on. At the same time, Noor comes into the room. She explains to Victoire that Adeline had gone to her house to collect her things, just like Samuel, before they were found by William. Despite everything, Victoire continues to believe that her ex is innocent and that he could never have attacked Adeline.

Later, Victoire receives a visit from Soraya. She insists that her friend does not change her mind and defends Samuel, whom she believes to be innocent. Victoire adds that even if Samuel were guilty, she would fight for him because she loves him. Soraya promises to defend him. Victoire then asks him to make sure she gets on the phone. So she can talk to Samuel. The latter asks him for forgiveness for everything that happened, especially as he begins to doubt himself. Victoire promises him that she will not let him go. When the call is disconnected, she bursts into tears in Soraya's arms.

At the police station, Georges, Karim and Roxane take stock of the investigation. They regret not having heard back from Florent. Timothée investigated him and managed to trace his PV history. He thus discovered that Florent had modified the declaration and voluntarily erased the testimony of a passer-by who had noted the license plate of the car rented by Samuel. Another detail, Florent had questioned Micha, the graffiti artist that Georges and Karim had first suspected of having attacked Victoire, without informing his colleagues in Sète.

In view of all these discoveries, Timothée's hypothesis is the following: Florent is the one who is after Samuel. It remains to discover his motive. By consulting the list of deaths occurring at Saint-Clair hospital in 2022, Roxane discovers that Florent's wife died there in childbirth. Thanks to the autopsy report, she confirms that Samuel was the one who gave birth to her at the time.

Meanwhile, Samuel leaves prison to be heard by the judge. As he gets into the car supposed to take him to the Palace of Justice, he is unaware that the driver responsible for taking him is none other than Florent…

Will Soraya and Gabriel get back together?

At the port, Nathan and Charlie make fun of Gabriel and the breakdown he had trying to sleep with a girl other than Soraya. Gabriel doesn't have the heart to laugh about it, especially since his ex surprised him when she probably wanted to tell him something important – or even get back together with him. Charlie points out that Soraya's reaction could actually have been worse, like her when she slapped François.

At the office, Raphaëlle immediately notices that tensions persist between Gabriel and Soraya. Having planned to be away, she orders them to find a solution to their problems by the time she returns. Once Raphaëlle leaves, Gabriel and Soraya argue.

Soraya criticizes Gabriel for lying to her by seeing someone behind her back. Gabriel retorts that Soraya doesn't really love him because they would be together again if that were the case.

In the evening, Soraya goes to Gabriel's house to give him back his keys. But when it comes time to do so, she declares that she instead wants to keep them, to stop wasting time and to be happy. The couple kiss, finally reconciled.

Gilles is back… as a couple!

Returning to Sète earlier than expected, Gilles surprises Marianne by going directly to see her at her workplace. He explains to her that his ex-wife finished her rehabilitation earlier than expected and that she therefore no longer needed him in Lille. Along the way, Gilles introduces Marianne to his new partner: Cécile.

The three of them go for coffee to get to know each other better. On cloud nine, Gilles and Cécile tell Marianne about their meeting, which they consider very romantic: while Gilles was replacing Corinne at the funeral home, he met Cécile who works as a florist. Little interested in their story, Marianne cuts it short. Cécile then worries about her judgment, but Gilles reassures her.

Later, Marianne announces the news to Chloé while criticizing her brother. She is convinced that his relationship with a woman 20 years younger than him will not last. Chloe is amused by his reaction. Above all, she is relieved that Marianne is more concerned about her brother than about her professional reconversion.

In the evening, Gilles officially introduces Cécile to Chloé and Alexandre over an aperitif. He then asks them for a favor: that they lend them their house for their wedding. Once Gilles and Cécile leave, Chloé and Alexandre are stunned. Chloé actually finds that a marriage is a bit rushed. But above all she fears her mother's reaction.

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