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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1608

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Georges must face his demons. Martin takes his hits and slaps. Worried, Nathan takes Mona to the hospital.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Thursday January 25 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Samuel regains his freedom

At the hospital, Renaud reassures Georges and Amel about Victoire's fate. Still in a coma, the young woman suffered one of the consequences of her heart transplant the day before, when it suddenly began to race. However, there is nothing serious. Renaud takes advantage of Georges' presence to ask him to reassure Samuel about Victoire's health because he suspects that his son must be very worried. But Georges finds his request inappropriate because he judges Samuel solely responsible for what happened to Victoire.

Meanwhile, William reassures Soraya about Victoire's state of health. He then seeks to find out if the lawyer has changed her mind regarding Samuel. Also judging the latter guilty of what happens to her friend, Soraya however refuses to come to his defense. William leaves Soraya with Noor. She admits that she is of the same opinion as William. Despite everything Samuel has done, Noor believes that this is what Victoire and even Leïla would have wanted.

At the police station, Karim takes stock with Roxane and Timothée, responsible for finding the trace of the black sedan that hit Victoire. Timothée checked all the CCTV footage from the accident site and spotted no trace of the said car. Roxane suggests that he also check the video surveillance images of the entire neighborhood, emphasizing that the Sedan could not have vanished.

Karim then joins Georges. The latter provides Samuel with a pill with the authorization of a doctor. When Samuel asks for news of victory, Georges loses his calm, while Karim reassures him. The two police officers then question Samuel about his adventures with women to find out if a jealous husband or companion would want revenge. But Samuel retorts that he has no such story. Released from police custody, he was transferred before the Judge of Liberties. He grants him his freedom.

Samuel finds Renaud, as well as Soraya, who agrees to defend him on the condition that he respects his judicial control. Having learned the news, Georges returns to confront him, disgusted by the judge's decision and the consequences for Victoire. Renaud and Soraya are forced to separate the two men to prevent them from coming to blows.

At the police station, Florent arrives from Montpellier to take Samuel there. Georges and Karim inform him that the latter has been released. Indeed, he is now at Victoire's bedside, in tears. As Noor passes into the room, Samuel asks what he could do to help her. Noor suggests bringing him clean clothes. In the doorway, Adeline hears their conversation and offers to do it in Samuel's place. The two argue about it until Adeline turns on her heel.

At the end of the day, Georges goes to the Spoon to unwind. His mother offers to confide in her, but he kindly declines. At the same time, Mélody comes to the counter. Georges invites him to join him. He declares that he has realized that he considers Victoire a member of his family and is no longer in love with her. Mélody is relieved.

Meanwhile, William returns home. Seeing a light at Victoire's house, he approaches and discovers that the bay window is open. Inside, he discovers Samuel, sprawled on the sofa in a daze, then Adeline, unconscious on the floor. William rushes to give him a heartfelt message, asking Samuel to call for help…

Martin moves in with Raphaëlle

Taking advantage of her freedom, Camille spends time in her garden. She tells Maud that prison was less bad than she feared, but that she couldn't stand being locked up all day. So she is very happy to be back home. As for Maud, she has decided to stay in Sète until the end of the year.

For her part, Raphaëlle confides in Chloé. She is deeply relieved to have managed to obtain an electronic bracelet for her daughter, which allows them to return to live at home. She thanks Chloé for her unwavering support, even from a distance. Chloé then tells him how much she likes her internship at the hospital. The two women are then interrupted in their conversation by the passage of Gabriel, looking morose. Raphaëlle confides to Chloé that there is a tense atmosphere between him and Soraya at the office.

During the day, Camille stops by the Spoon. Nathan is delighted to see her again. As for Martin, he is packing his things to move in with Raphaëlle. Nordine is very happy for them.

Nathan worries about Mona's health

Having found Mona in the Spoon's kitchen writhing in pain with her hand on her heart, Nathan decided to take her to the emergency room. They come across Chloé, who accompanies Mona to her mother's office.

Marianne examines Mona, while Chloé observes them. Marianne concludes that Mona is in good health and that further examinations will only be necessary if the pain returns. Mona hopes that this incident will not come to the attention of her son who already has enough problems at the moment. Marianne reassures her by reminding her that she is bound by medical confidentiality, then leaves the office.

Chloé then pushes Mona to confide in her situation with Georges. Mona says she's been trying to keep herself small ever since she realized she was interfering too much in her private life. But she admits to having difficulty cutting the cord. Chloe reassures her about this. Mona thanks her for her kind attention.

Later, Marianne comes across Chloé at reception closing Mona's file. She then makes her daughter understand that she must learn to set limits with patients who feel the need to confide, at the risk of letting it boil over. Chloé does not share the same vision as her mother on this point.

Meanwhile, Nathan picks up Mona after she leaves the hospital. She admits to having been very touched that he was so worried about her. She considers him her second son.

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