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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1607

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… The investigation stalls while Victoire, unconscious, is admitted to the emergency room. A renowned lawyer returns to Sète. Cornered, François must answer Adam's questions.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Wednesday January 24 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Georges is very worried about Victoire

After being taken to the emergency room the day before because a car drove into her, Victoire is now in a coma. Georges is at his bedside. Renaud comes to inform him that his condition is stable. He then seeks to find out if his accident has a link with the one he himself suffered last week. Georges confirms this to him. Karim then comes to inform his colleague that a witness to the accident has been found. The latter identified a black sedan. Police research will therefore go in this direction.

Back at the police station, Georges goes to see Samuel, still in police custody, in order to warn him of the accident of which Victoire was a victim. Georges adds that Samuel is the only one responsible for the situation. When Samuel asks to be allowed to go to victory's bedside, Georges orders him to stay away from her.

After which, Georges goes to his meeting with Mélody on the beach. On the phone, Roxane warns him that she cannot trace the threatening SMS that Samuel received. Having hung up, Georges confides in Mélody about his worry about Victoire. Mélody sympathizes.

Meanwhile, Soraya goes to see Samuel in the cell. The latter having requested her services as a lawyer, Soraya decided to come and tell him to his face that she was declining. In fact, she judges him responsible for all the evil that happened to Victoire. Samuel insists, specifying that she will not need to defend him to the end or save him from prison. He just wants her to help him get out so he can get to Victoire's bedside. But Soraya refuses.

She then goes to the hospital to visit Victoire. There she meets Adeline and William. Victory state is always stable. Soraya admits that she still hesitates to defend Samuel because deep down, she knows that this is what Victoire would want.

At the police station, Karim is on video with Florent, his colleague from Montpellier. He informs him that Samuel Chardeau was arrested for the hit-and-run. He will therefore be transferred to Montpelier soon. In the meantime, the Sète services are still looking for someone in a black sedan who would like to take revenge on Samuel. Karim sends the file to Florent in case his team can help them.

Later, Georges and Karim take stock. They no longer have any leads. Georges wonders if the person who is angry with Samuel might not be an ex or a jealous husband. Karim says it's worth digging.

In the evening, Georges again goes to Victoire's bedside. Seeing her in this state makes him realize how much he cares for her. He even admits, out loud, that he may not have completely moved on between them. Suddenly, Victoire's heart rate suddenly accelerates. George calls for help…

Charlie learns about François and Soizic

During breakfast, Adam confronts his father about what he overheard the day before and what he deduced from it: in this case, that François and Soizic are back together. But François denies it outright. Adam reminds him that their actions have consequences for him. He would therefore like his father to be honest.

Surprised by her son's behavior, François speaks about it to Soizic. She believes that they are not accountable to her. As far as she's concerned, she's thrilled that they're getting back together. As they kiss in full view, Nathan notices them, embarrassed.

When he meets Charlie at the Spoon, Nathan ends up revealing to him what he saw. Deeply hurt, Charlie cannot believe that François and Soizic dare to appear publicly. She thinks François lied to her when she went to give him back his keys and saw Soizic at his house.

Troubled, Charlie confides in Sylvain and Christelle. They believe that François is not good enough for her and that his cad behavior will help her turn the page. Christelle points out, however, that Charlie needs to have a real discussion with him.

Charlie therefore arranges to meet François at the Spoon. But once in front of him, she can't talk to him. When he declares that their separation was for the best, Charlie lets himself be overcome by anger. She slaps her ex, then leaves the scene.

Raphaëlle and Camille return to Sète

Martin goes to Sébastien's office to present him with the profile of Timothée, recently recruited at the PTS. At the same time, Raphaëlle calls Martin to tell him that she is returning to Sète that same evening with Camille. In fact, she managed to obtain an electronic bracelet for her daughter so that she could leave Rennes prison. Martin is delighted. Just afterwards, Raphaëlle calls her father to tell him the same thing.

Sébastien, Martin and Maud all do their best to welcome Raphaëlle and Camille in the best conditions. Their reunion goes wonderfully. Later, Raphaëlle and Martin share an intimate moment. Raphaëlle takes the opportunity to ask her partner to move in with her, which he accepts.

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