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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1605

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Georges persists and signs off on his manhunt. Charlie goes to the crime scene. When it comes to feelings, Violette has her reasons that reason ignores.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday January 22 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Samuel knocked someone down

Last Friday, Marianne caught Samuel red-handed stealing painkillers from the pharmacy at Saint-Clair hospital. He then left, jostling her as he passed. Still upset, Marianne tells Renaud about this event. The latter admits to being aware for several weeks that his son has fallen back into his addictions. But he does not want to denounce him because he is convinced that he still has a chance of getting out of it, in particular thanks to a detoxification treatment. Marianne allows herself to be convinced despite her worry.

Meanwhile, Georges hides in his car in front of the hotel where Samuel is staying. Seeing him come out, Georges takes the opportunity to go inside and search his room. Among his belongings, he finds a car rental contract. Georges immediately calls Victoire, who is at the hospital, to find out if Samuel is being transported. Victoire tells him that this is not the case.

After hanging up, Victoire meets Marianne. She tells him what she witnessed last Friday, adding that she promised Renaud not to denounce Samuel. Victoire realizes that the situation is more serious than she thought. Marianne advises her colleague to pay attention to her.

At the Spoon, Victoire finds Samuel and confronts him about his condition. Full of hope for a cure, Victoire wants to help him with his withdrawal because she can't bear to see him sabotage himself. Samuel retorts that there is nothing to do, then leaves.

For her part, Marianne takes care of Renaud, who tries to forget his personal problems by taking refuge in work. She arranges a long lunch break for him so that he can breathe a little.

Later, Samuel wanders the streets of Sète, getting worse and worse. He swallows a pill. At the same time, he receives a message from an unregistered number stating: “Soon the blood of the woman you love will flow”. Samuel tries to contact this number, in vain.

At the hospital, Victoire meets Adeline in the rest room. She takes the opportunity to apologize for her reaction when Adeline confessed her feelings to her. Even if they are not shared, Victoire wants to remain friends with her.

At the police station, Georges talks to Karim about the car rental contract that he found in Samuel's belongings. According to the contract, the latter was supposed to keep the car for at least a week after his arrival in Montpellier. Georges contacted the rental company and learned that Samuel had finally returned the car barely 8 hours after picking it up. And for good reason: it was dented. Samuel claimed to have hit a pole while trying to park. But Georges rather suspects him of having run over someone, which would explain the word found on the parcel bomb: “Chardeau has blood on his hands”.

In the evening, Samuel goes to Victoire's house to reveal to her what he planned to tell her before they sleep together again. Arriving in Montpellier, he went directly to the clinic to register for treatment. He had rented a car. As he left the clinic, he hit someone, then fled…

Who does Violette have a crush on?

At breakfast, Jack announces to Jordan that he became a little star in high school after almost getting into a fight with Liam. Jack assumes that their fight was a matter of jealousy over Violette. But Jordan says he doesn't have a crush on her.

At high school, Jack repeats to Rayane what his brother said about Violette. Rayane then decides to question Liam about this. The latter declares that there is no ambiguity between him and Violette. On the other hand, he had the impression that the young girl had a crush on Jordan.

For her part, Violette clears things up with Lilou in relation to Liam. Lilou had warned her about him, making him look like a Don Juan, while she visibly remained close to him. Lilou admits that it was a strategy to keep Violette away from Liam because she likes him. Lilou adds that it wasn't necessary since she realized that Violette liked Jordan. The young girl denies it outright, emphasizing that they are part of the same family.

In the evening, Violette meets Jack and Rayane at the Spoon. The two boys question him about his feelings about Jordan. Violette ends up admitting that she finds him cute.

François and Soizic sleep together

Christelle tells Sylvain that she saw François and Soizic very close at the SPA. She fears the worst, while Charlie continues to be depressed about his breakup. Sylvain tries to find ideas for activities to take his mind off things. He suggests that she go to the SPA with Christelle. Charlie is enthusiastic.

At the SPA, Christelle tries to find a man who would match Charlie, in vain. She never stops thinking about François, wondering if he didn't make a mistake by letting him go. Christelle then reveals that she surprised him with Soizic. She totally thinks they're going to get back together. Charlie is devastated.

For their part, François and Soizic continue to spend time together. They have an aperitif at François’ house. When Soizic has to return, François invites him to stay to watch a film.

Soizic falls asleep before the end. François stops the film, then gently wakes his ex. He kisses her. Soizic kisses him back. They make love…

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