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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1603

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Victoire has blood on her hands. Marianne uses her position to put pressure on Noor. Violette investigates to identify the origin of a rumor.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Thursday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Thursday January 18 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Georges investigates Samuel

After spending the night together, Samuel and Victoire wake up side by side. The young woman then wonders what he had come to tell her the day before, but Samuel replies that it doesn't matter. While Victoire goes to take a shower, Samuel swallows a painkiller.

At the police station, Timothée takes stock with Georges after watching video surveillance images from Montpellier. He thus managed to retrace the journey of Samuel, who registered in a clinic for detoxification. Georges puts forward lots of hypotheses about what could have caused Samuel to plunge back into his addictions, as well as his withdrawal. He then asks Timothée to retrace his route in South America.

Georges goes to see Victoire to inform her of the progress of his research. He discovers that she already knew. Seeing Samuel at her house, he easily deduces that they slept together. Embarrassed, Victoire catches up with Georges outside. The latter feels stupid for having believed that they told each other everything. Back home, Victoire reproaches Samuel for having exploited the situation. He actually makes fun of Georges, whom he suspects of still being in love with Victoire.

Later, Victoire drinks coffee at Spoon with Soraya. She confides to him that she spent the night with Samuel. Soraya is far from surprised: for her, their love is obvious. She also finds it courageous that Victoire is giving him a second chance given how she suffered when he left her. Soraya admits that she would like to have the same courage with Gabriel.

Victoire then meets Samuel for a walk. He tells her about his trip to South America. Even though he had a few affairs, he didn't stop thinking about her. Victoire admits how much she suffered from their breakup. Samuel then pretends to have a meeting with his father to leave.

At the police station, Timothée informs Georges of his research. After a starting point in Mexico, Samuel decided to trek in South America. He injured his leg, then once treated, worked in a clinic in Chile for a little over a month, where he delivered babies to several women. Timothée noted that Samuel had resigned overnight, but he found no trace of explanations on this subject.

At the Spoon, Samuel tells William about the night and the magical day he spent with Victoire. He feels that their love is obvious… but that it is also impossible. Samuel is aware that he destroys everything he touches and he refuses to make Victoire suffer more. He knows that their relationship will have to end. Above all, William thinks that Samuel is in a bad situation and that he sees everything in black.

For her part, Victoire is in the hospital. In her locker, she finds a package addressed to her. When he opened it, blood spurted into his face…

Marianne puts pressure on Noor

Determined to retrain as a nurse, Chloé wishes to do an observation internship at the hospital before resuming classes. But his mother does not answer his calls. While Chloé complains about it to her husband, Bruno comes to their house to collect the Mas's cash. Hearing them talking, he decides to call Marianne. This one picks up. Chloé takes the opportunity to get what she wants without leaving her mother any other choice: starting her internship the next day.

Later, Chloe puts on her nurse's outfit for the first time. She is happy. Very proud, Alexandre congratulates her. While she has to sign papers for her internship, her husband keeps her to make love.

For her part, Marianne orders Noor to take charge of Chloé's observation course with one goal: to disgust her with the profession.

Tensions between Jordan and Liam

At the Georges Brassens high school, Lilou informs Jack and Jordan that she found her precious pen in her bag, assuming that the thief simply put it back in. While Jordan is still convinced that Liam is the thief, Lilou continues to believe him innocent.

Aware of the rumor that Jordan started about him, Liam does not sit idly by. He calls out to him and provokes him in front of the school. The two boys are on the verge of fighting. Violette and Lilou intervene to separate them. Violette stays with Jordan, while Lilou keeps Liam away.

Violette then tells Jack about the altercation that took place between Jordan and Liam. She mentions how Lilou defended Liam. Jack finds this strange given that he tends to agree with his brother: Liam is probably the thief of the pen.

Later, Violette asks for news of Liam. The latter suspects her of liking Jordan. Violette explains that they are close because they are part of the same family. She then asks Liam how he knew that Jordan accused him of being the thief of Lilou's pen. But Liam refuses to reveal anything.

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