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Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1600

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… The police are investigating a mysterious message left at Victoire’s house. Mona gets involved in her son's heart matters. Gabriel rhymes with cad.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday January 15 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Samuel confesses the truth to Victoire

After finding a message – “Your ex is lying to you” – written in lipstick on her bathroom mirror in the middle of the night, Victoire notified the police. On site, Georges notices that a glass door has indeed been broken. He makes sure that all the lipsticks have been collected by his colleagues for analysis. He then seeks to find out if the message written on the mirror targeted Adeline instead of Victoire. But the two women think rather that it is Victoire who is targeted.

After which, Victoire finds Samuel at the Spoon. The latter has little time to give him, but he listens to him. She tells him that someone broke into her house in the night, then she shows him a photo of the message she found on her mirror. Samuel claims that he is not hiding anything from her and that it must be a bad joke. At the same time, he receives a message and quickly leaves the scene.

At the police station, Damien informs Georges that none of the lipsticks they recovered were used to write on the mirror. The police therefore have nothing concrete that can be used to advance the investigation. Georges telephones Victoire to inform her. The latter is returning home. On the floor, she finds a tube of lipstick. Georges asks him to bring it to him.

Victoire goes to the police station to give the tube of lipstick, which she identifies as relating to Adeline, to Damien. The latter will immediately analyze it. Georges then confides his suspicions towards Adeline to Victoire. The latter defends her friend, pointing out that she doesn't even really know Samuel.

Meanwhile, Amel catches Adeline erasing the message on the bathroom mirror. Both admit to being stressed by this story.

At the Spoon, Samuel finds his father, who is worried about him. Indeed, Renaud advises him to tell the truth to everyone instead of keeping his secret to himself. Samuel is of the same opinion, but he needs time.

Back home, Victoire thanks Adeline for doing the shopping. She tells him about George's suspicions about her, while ensuring that she doesn't believe it. Adeline nevertheless advises Victoire to keep her distance from Samuel.

In the evening, Samuel goes to see Victoire to reveal to her the real reason for their breakup: during a trek in Patagonia in November 2022, he seriously injured his leg. While hospitalized, he was given painkillers and immediately became addicted again. If he is back in Sète, it is to start a rehab treatment. Victoire regrets not having been able to help her ex during this ordeal. She realizes that she was mistaken in believing that Samuel had left her because he no longer had feelings for her.

Once Samuel leaves, Victoire bursts into tears… without realizing that Adeline has heard his entire conversation…

Gabriel claims to move forward

At the hospital, Noor admits to Soizic that her ploy to get Soraya and Gabriel back together didn't work. In addition, both are angry with her for getting involved in what is none of her business. Soizic then advises his colleague to drop the matter.

At the office, Gabriel pretends to have understood why Soraya did not want to get back with him. He claims to move on and have already met someone else.

Pained, Soraya talks about it with Noor at the hospital. She feels she also needs to move on. Noor, for her part, is convinced that Gabriel is lying to her and that he is still in love with Soraya. She is ready to call him, but her sister stops her.

In the evening, before leaving the office, Soraya asks Gabriel not to talk to her anymore about his private life. The latter admits that he lied to her. He hasn't met anyone and above all, he can't stop thinking about her. Soraya admits that she also thinks of him. But if the young man is ready to get back together, Soraya wants to preserve Noor.

Mona wants to help her son

At the beach, Nathan meets Mélody for a private sports session. He wants to gain muscle to impress the girls. Along the way, he doesn't hesitate to flirt with her… until Mona joins them.

At the end of the session, Mona compliments Mélody on her skills. Once Nathan leaves, she takes the opportunity to convince Mélody to give Georges another chance.

For his part, Georges admits to Karim that he no longer has any hope about his relationship with Mélody because of his mother's intrusive side. At the same time, he receives a message from Mélody: she sent him a selfie of her and Mona after their sports session.

Angry, Georges arrives at the Spoon, reproaching his mother for continuing to interfere in his private life and therefore ruining his chances with Mélody. Mona affirms on the contrary that it is thanks to her that Mélody will end up contacting him again.

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