Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1572 of Wednesday December 6, 2023 –


Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1572

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Victoire is confronted with a secret from her past. Nordine covets what belongs to others. Georges must find a way to redeem himself.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Wednesday December 6 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Medical records are made public

At the police station, Roxane is actively working on the computer hacking of which the Sète hospital is a victim. Unfortunately, she cannot regain control of the server. Helpless, she suddenly realizes that several medical files are being made public.

At the hospital, Benjamin is worried that he still cannot find a donor compatible with Bastien, especially as time begins to run out as the boy's condition deteriorates. At the same time, he receives a notification on his phone, like his colleagues. These are the medical records of certain patients. Soizic discovers in particular that of François.

For her part, Victoire confides her worry to Soraya. Indeed, she fears that Benjamin will come across her file and thus discover that she had an abortion without telling him. Soraya advises her friend to go talk to her directly.

Meanwhile, Adam helps his father decorate their Christmas tree, while discussing his future move to Canada. As François slips away, Adam comes across a message he receives on his phone from Soizic. She warns him about the leak of his medical files and worries that Adam will discover his cancer. Upset, the young man puts his father's cell phone down without saying anything.

At the hospital, Sara assures Renaud and Marianne that the police are doing everything they can to put an end to the hacking. Since the ultimatum to pay the ransom has been extended, Sara believes the pirate(s) are bluffing. She therefore orders Marianne and Renaud not to pay the ransom.

Having had access to Victoire's medical file, Benjamin is angry. He confronts his ex about it. She explains to him that she didn't tell him anything because she knew he would have wanted to keep the baby, which was not his case. Benjamin takes it personally, hurt that Victoire didn't even ask his opinion at the time when he dreamed of becoming a father.

For his part, Adam is still in shock. He talks to Amel about his mother's message and imagines a whole bunch of scenarios, including that his father is still sick. Furthermore, Adam also took a look at the other messages exchanged by his parents and suspects them of having an affair behind Charlie's back.

Back home after class, Adam decides to talk to his father about it directly. The latter apologizes for not having told him anything about his cancer, arguing that it was to protect him. He adds that he is now out of danger. Adam then questions him about the nature of his relationship with his mother. Once again, François demonstrates total honesty towards his son. Reassured, Adam then asks his father never to lie to him again in the future. They both hug each other with emotion.

In the evening, Benjamin comes to see Bastien after dinner. The young boy is not really feeling well, suffering from the side effects of his chemo. Suddenly he has difficulty breathing and begins to convulse…

Georges apologizes to Mélody

At the police station, Georges thinks of a way to contact Mélody again. He plans to go to the front of the school with a bouquet of flowers. Nordine stops him right away. He advises her instead to invite him for a drink by message. Since Georges is having trouble taking action, Nordine steals his phone to send the invitation to Mélody in his place.

At high school, Mélody confides in François, telling him that Georges approached him in the morning to go for a drink. However, she did not sense much enthusiasm in her message. At the same time, she receives another from him, in which George apologizes for having been cold in his previous text. Reassured, Mélody responds favorably to his invitation.

Georges and Mélody end up meeting in town. The policeman takes the opportunity to apologize for crashing him during their last meeting and leaving with his mother instead. He takes the opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding and confirm his interest in Mélody.

Rayane hasn't finished spoiling Jack

Sorting through his things, Karim brings some to the police station. By mistake, he took the pair of sneakers that Rayane plans to give to Jack for Christmas. When Nordine sees them, he can't believe it. In Karim's absence, Nordine can't help but approach him. He accidentally spills coffee on them, then cleans them before putting them back in their box.

At high school, Jordan catches Rayane interested in ski trips. The latter admits to wanting to give one to Jack. For his part, Jack racks his brains to find a Christmas gift for Rayane that is at least as stylish as the sneakers. Jordan then makes him understand that he will never be able to compete financially with what Rayane plans to offer him. Jack thus understands that his boyfriend is going to give him two gifts.

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