Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1570 of Monday December 4, 2023 –

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1570

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… John is at the center of the questions. Benjamin reveals crucial information to him. Nathan clashes with a strange bird. Victor signs a new agreement.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Monday December 4 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

John is wanted by the police

At the police station, Aurore questions Benjamin about John because the latter is suspected of murder. Even if everything incriminates his friend, Benjamin doesn’t believe it for a single second. Aurore points out that John would not have run away if he had nothing to reproach himself for.

Aurore then accompanies Benjamin to the hospital, where she takes the opportunity to ask Bastien a few questions. So they inform him that his father cannot be found and that they also need to question him as part of an investigation. Bastien has no idea where his father is. As for the night of the crime, Bastien declares that his father remained at his bedside throughout.

Aurore returns to the police station. Karim has not managed to move forward on his side: the wanted poster has yielded nothing, the hospital’s video surveillance system has been under maintenance for a week and no hospital employee would have seen John leave from her son’s room at night. Aurore, however, thinks that they will eventually find him because she assumes that John will not move away from his seriously ill son.

At high school, Étienne and François are preparing to announce to the students that Bastien will be absent for an indefinite period. Violette, who overhears their conversation, tries to find out more. She learns that her friend is suffering from a serious illness.

So she goes to the hospital after class to see him. Bastien tells him that he has leukemia – the cause of the bruises on his body. Violette apologizes for thinking he was being beaten by his father. Bastien doesn’t hold it against her, especially since it was ultimately thanks to her that he was diagnosed. Violette then gives him the latest volumes of her favorite books. Bastien invites her to stay with him to read, which she accepts.

Meanwhile, Adam is in the middle of a photography session when he catches a man forcing a car into a parking lot. While the individual, who is none other than John, succeeds in stealing the vehicle, Adam shoots him with his camera. After which, he alerts the police. Nordine goes there. Upon seeing the photos, he identifies John as the car thief. Nordine calls Aurore to give her the license plate.

In the evening, aboard the stolen vehicle, John stops to call Benjamin and find out news about Bastien. The pediatrician tells him that his first chemo session went well. He adds that the results of the blood tests indicate that John is compatible with his son for the bone marrow transplant. But for this, John must go to the police. The latter finds himself faced with a dilemma…

Chloe and Nathan team up against Gérald

At the Christmas market, Chloé meets Nathan, delighted to have him as a stand neighbor. As she prepares to install hers, she realizes that Gérald, who has come to sell hiking kits, is already there. They argue over the stall until Nathan intervenes and manages to convince Gerald to take another stall next to the Little Spoon.

A few hours later, Nathan begins to regret his actions. In fact, Gérald never stops demonstrating bird calls. The whistles start to scare customers away. But Nathan doesn’t plan to let it happen. With the help of Chloé, he grabs a microphone to make promotional announcements and thus drown out the noise of the whistles.

At the end of the day, Chloe returns home, exhausted but happy with her day. Alexandre suggests that she may have found her way. Chloé retorts that she doesn’t see herself as a saleswoman. On the other hand, she feels that she has really turned the page with National Education.

Philippine joins forces with Victor

At the breakfast table, Timothée discusses his future with his father. He returned to Sète because of his breakup with Elsa, who fell in love with someone else. Timothée now intends to stay in France, but he does not intend to resume his studies. Victor is shocked by this decision which he considers radical and above all hasty. But Timothée is sure of himself.

Later, Victor announces to Philippine that he agrees to partner with her equally on the estate. She gives him the contract to sign, then sits down at Victor’s office to start working.

During the day, Timothée meets Philippine at his father’s office. He immediately thinks that she is Victor’s new partner, before realizing that Philippine is too old for him. Far from being offended, Philippine declares that her relationship with Victor is strictly professional.

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