Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1566 of Tuesday November 28, 2023 –

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1566 of Tuesday November 28, 2023  –

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1566

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… The police understand, too late, the truth. Eloise is ready for anything. There is something new in Camille’s trial. François and Charlie announce the news to their loved ones.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Tuesday November 28 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Eloïse commits suicide with Adèle

In the middle of the night, Adèle woke up from her coma. Noor goes to her bedside, while Aaron joins her to examine her. Adèle asks for news of her sister, then asks for Bart insistently. Aaron, however, believes that she is still too weak to receive visitors.

The next morning, Aaron calls Eloise to inform her of his sister’s awakening. In shock, Eloise makes Bart believe that she feels both relieved and afraid. To reassure her, Bart suggests that they spend the day together. But Eloise declines. Bart suggests that she take her mind off things by choosing her wedding dress. Eloïse retorts that she no longer has much of a head for the preparations for their wedding.

At the police station, Martin questions Valère. The latter maintains that Eloïse took Adèle’s place, but he is still not taken seriously. Regarding the attack on Eloïse, Valère has no alibi. That is, until he remembered receiving a call via his landline.

For his part, Bart goes to see Chloé. Worried about his partner, he feels helpless even though he would like to help her. If Eloïse no longer has the head for that, Bart continues to project himself with her. Despite his fear of remarrying, he is willing to do so out of love for her. Bart therefore asks Chloé to take care of the decoration of the ceremony, which she accepts with pleasure.

At the police station, Roxane confirms to Martin that Valère received a phone call at home at the time of Eloïse’s attack. The police understand that Valère was right all along: Eloïse has indeed taken Adèle’s place. Martin orders his arrest.

Meanwhile, Bart returns home, where he finds a farewell letter written by Eloise. After reading it, Bart calls him and leaves a message on his answering machine, in which he asks him to come back. At the same time, Sara knocks on her door to stop Eloise. But it’s already too late. The police begin looking for her, convinced that she will first try to leave Sète.

In the evening, Eloïse goes to the hospital. She first creates a diversion to attract the police officer who is guarding Adèle’s room, then tases him. She goes to her sister’s room and prepares their joint suicide with an injection. While Adèle tries to call for help, Eloïse lies down peacefully beside her…

François announces his departure

François announces to his son that he has decided to live in Montreal with Charlie. He therefore suggests that she go with them or return to live with her mother. François specifies, however, that he is also ready to give up this move abroad if Adam does not approve of it. On the contrary, the latter is entirely for it.

François then goes to the hospital to announce the news to Soizic, hoping to obtain her agreement for their son to return to live with her. Soizic is amazed. She declares that physical distance will not change anything in the feelings that François has for her and that he refuses to accept. Seeing his ex’s reaction, François cuts the conversation short and leaves.

Camille is transferred to Rennes

Sébastien informs Raphaëlle of the investigating judge’s verdict: Camille’s trial will be relocated to Rennes. In the meantime, she will be incarcerated on site. Indeed, the charges against Camille are heavy, her precedent with Stanislas worked to her disadvantage, as did her family relationship with him.

Raphaëlle then announces the news to her daughters. Camille’s departure for the women’s remand center in Rennes is scheduled for the same evening. If Maud is upset, Camille believes she deserves it. The three women hug each other while crying.

At the police station, Raphaëlle tells Martin that she plans to move to Rennes to be able to stay in contact with her daughter until the trial. Martin is ready to wait for his mate, no matter how long it takes.

Later, Martin agrees to let Dorian see Camille in the cell before his transfer. While she apologizes to him, Dorian returns them, having realized his responsibility in the explosion of the school following his cheating with Luna. He tells Camille that he is no longer angry with her. The latter takes refuge in his arms, admitting that she loved him like crazy and that she still loves him.

After which, Raphaëlle and Sébastien escort Camille to the vehicle which will take her to Rennes. Martin handcuffs the girl before she gets on board. When the car starts, Raphaëlle collapses in the arms of her companion.

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