Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1564 of Friday November 24, 2023 –

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1564

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Sara shares her doubts with Bart, who decides to trap Eloïse. François takes action. Victoire’s Cupid mission triumphs.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Friday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Friday November 24 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Sara has doubts about Eloise

After hearing about her sister’s condition the day before, Eloïse pretends to be afraid of waking up to pity Bart. His technique works since the latter finally reconsiders his decision and agrees to marry her. Overjoyed, Eloïse jumps on his neck and kisses him.

Eloïse then goes to the hospital, where Aaron explains to her that the blood samples taken from his sister will be sent that evening to an external laboratory. They will therefore have the results the next morning.

Meanwhile, Karim and Sara find Valère’s trail. They take him to the police station for questioning. Despite his aggressiveness and his slightly incoherent comments due to the medication, Valère tries to make the police understand that Eloïse has replaced Adèle. He claims to know how to distinguish the twins by their looks. But since he had no proof, he did not notify the police of this identity theft. He therefore admits to having attacked Eloïse to make her confess, in vain. On the other hand, he declares that he is innocent of the attack to which Victoire was the victim.

Later, Sara talks to Roxane about the interrogation and confides her doubts to her. Sara also noticed strange details about Adèle. She also points out that the only person with an interest in keeping her in a coma would be Eloise. But Roxane thinks that her partner is fooling herself since Adèle passed all the tests which proved her identity.

Valère’s psychiatric expertise concluded that he was experiencing delirious outbursts due to a mixture of alcohol and medication. Karim and Roxane are therefore convinced that he is talking nonsense. Only Sara still has doubts. Karim, however, decides to wait for the results of the blood samples to find out more.

At the Spoon, Sara joins Bart and tells him about Valère’s confessions, including the replacement of Adèle by Eloïse. Bart claims to have no doubt as to the identity of his partner, whose marriage proposal he has just accepted. Worried about her friend, Sara sticks to her position.

Returning home, Bart finds Eloïse in the middle of preparations for their future wedding. He takes the opportunity to discreetly test her on a common memory. Eloïse having the right answer, he is internally reassured. While he asks her to show him the places she has spotted for their wedding, Eloïse claims to have a sudden desire to paint. She rushes to leave, suggesting Bart not wait for her.

In reality, Eloïse returns to the hospital, where she breaks into a room reserved for staff to try to steal her sister’s blood samples. However, she is forced to hide when Noor arrives to collect them and place them in a transport crate. Grabbing a scalpel, Eloïse stares at the nurse…

Francis makes a big decision

During breakfast, François realizes that Charlie was completely serious about moving abroad. She actually suggests that he go to Quebec. Disconcerted, François immediately thinks of his son and his father, whom he cannot see himself leaving. But Charlie has the answer to everything. She explains that it would be a good way to get away from Soizic, who obviously does not want to let go of the matter despite François’ clarifications.

Later, François talks about it with his father. The latter perfectly understands Charlie’s motivations. He feels that she needs to be reassured by actions and not by words. If François agrees to leave with her, this will mean in his eyes that he is truly ready to put an end to his ex-wife.

For his part, Charlie talks to the Morenos about his project. If Christelle supports her 100%, Sylvain has a lot of trouble getting used to the idea of ​​her leaving for the other side of the world.

In the evening, François admits to Charlie that he perfectly understood his reasons for wanting to leave Sète. He announces that he is ready to leave with her, regardless of the destination. The couple kisses.

Georges meets Mélody

Receiving a visit from Amel and Georges during her convalescence, Victoire takes the opportunity to find out if there has been anything new between her ex and Mélody. Even if Georges is evasive, Victoire ends up guessing that they will finally meet.

Later at the Spoon, Mona also guesses that her son is on a date, noticing that he is dressed well and perfumed. Before his mother becomes too intrusive, Georges goes to his meeting.

He finds Mélody at the park. Even though they had already spoken on the phone, the young woman wanted to meet him and thank him in person. She says he gave her the strength to fight to stay alive when she was under the rubble. While she is interested in Georges, particularly his leg injury, he is called upon by an emergency at work. They are separating.

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